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Artist DC300 Black Dreadnought Acoustic Guitar Hard Case


Not All Acoustic Guitars Are The Same!

This ULTIMATE PACK includes 5 sets of strings, a guitar stand, string winder and a capo, as well as all the accessories that are normally included in the LSP pack.  

Our Small Body Lesson Pack (LSPS) Acoustic Guitar Pack is designed with the beginner guitarist in mind.  The LSPS range is a little smaller than our LSP series, ideal for Female players or children from Ages 12+ (depending on height). Imagine how much quicker you will learn with a good quality guitar. With a great sound to inspire you and great design to make it easy to play, you'll breeze through the first stages of your playing.  You'll be playing your first song and impressing your friends in no time!

Here are the reasons why:

  It has Steel Strings for a great sound. Watch the video above and have a listen to the audio clip to hear how it sounds.  Most beginner guitars have nylon strings but unless you want to play classical or Spanish music, you may be disappointed. (If you do prefer the sound of a classical/Spanish style guitar we have a range available in our store).

  It has a Low String Action (all our guitars are set-up at the factory for optimum beginner playing level). String action is the measurement from the top of the 12th fret to the bottom of the string. This is very important because a guitar with a high action is hard to play, a guitar with too low an action will buzz and sound bad. Artist Guitars are set up at the factory for the optimum level for a beginner.

  See Above for links to Video  

  A Truss Rod that allows you to correct for the effects of weather on the guitar help keep the neck straight and the action height the neck can be adjusted.

  Comes included with a Bag to protect your guitar, Strap and Built In Tuner - A tuner for a beginner is vital.  A guitar needs to be tuned every time you play. As ours is built into the guitar its always in the right place. It's extremely simple to use so you will be using it correctly in no time at all.

  Die-cast Machine Heads - This means your guitar will tune quicker, be more stable and stay in tune longer.

  Free replacement set of steel guitar strings.

  Recommended by some of Australia's top guitar teachers (ask us about our free introductory guitar lesson).

  A Free Guitar Lesson (check out our website for times and locations - sorry not all locations are currently covered - contact us if your area is not covered).

The Tech Features

Brand :- Artist


Body Size :- 40" Acoustic (Smaller and more curved than a dreadnought) with Cutaway

Woods :-

Top - Spruce
Back and Sides - Sapelle
Fingerboard & Bridge - Solid Rosewood

Neck :- Truss Rod, Scale Length 25.5", 43mm Nut

Machine Heads :- Die-cast chrome

Decoration :- Wooden inlay, pick guard, Multi bound Top, Bound Fingerboard, Back Stripe

Included Accessories :- Built-in Chromatic Tuner FT201, Gig Bag, Guitar Strap, Neck adjustment Allen key, Spare Set of Strings, 2 Strap pins.

Colour :- Gloss Black

Optional Hard Case :- DC300, DC350TO or WC450



Incredibly disappointed. If it seems too good to b

By: on 1 September 2018
I am a guitar teacher in a rural area so many of my students do not have access to a music shop to purchase their instruments. I had one student come in with a guitar from artist that looked great and it was a great price so I recommended them to other students. Within 12 months I have had these problems with different students guitar: •One guitar had a bend in the neck so bad it could not be repaired with a truss rod adjustment. When I dealt with customer service about this and mention that the action was too high the girl didn’t even know what action was - how can they have staff so poorly trained? • Another students has a crack through the saddle after almost 12 months. The wood is obviously the absolute worst quality there is. •A different student broke a string in the lesson and the force of the string break broke the nut so now there is no way the guitar can be restrung as their is no leverage. I will NEVER recommend artist guitars again.

Just what I need

By: on 14 June 2018
I purchased this as my first acoustic after learning the past few months on electric. I love the appearance of the guitar and the sound is fine for the price, although the bottom string is sometimes rattley. In the two weeks I have been playing it, it has held the tuning well and has been a fun experience. Definitely a good product for entry level.

Acoustic Guitar

By: on 15 March 2018
Thanks Artist Guitars!!! Love - love - live my new guitar... super easy ordering... fast shipping... arrived sick n span!!

Everything you need to get you started....

By: on 7 March 2018
Excellent value and the pack had everything you could want as a beginner. Instrument sounds really good (better when learnered friends play it), they inform me that it's a surprisingly good guitar for the price point.

Highly recommend!!

By: on 10 November 2017
I stumbled across this website when I googled "good guitar for beginner' and have found it to be such a useful resource. I've looked at websites from other stores and found their prices (really) expensive and the information either lacking or quite intimidating. By contrast, this website is friendly, the prices are good, and the information provided is detailed yet really easy to understand. I have found the process of choosing and buying a guitar from Artist Guitars to be a really enjoyable experience. The free delivery is brilliant (thankyou) and it was so so quick to arrive! I love the guitar - it is absolutely perfect for a beginner like me. The quality is great, it is so easy to tune (and it looks really nice too!). Loving it!!

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