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Artist LPFDIY Classic Flame Do it Yourself Guitar Kit

Artist LPFDIY Classic Flame Do it Yourself Guitar Kit

About This LP Classic Flame Guitar Kit

Get behind the invention and build your very OWN iconic guitar with these ready-to-go kits. They are unfinished so that you can spray these yourself, cut the headstock to your desired shape.

They include Ready-to-spray unbound bolt-on-neck, unbound and unfinished Solid Mahogany body with Maple Cap and Flame Veneer, two ceramic humbuckers, cream scratch plate, cream back plates, pots, gold coloured knobs, chrome plated tunomatic bridge, Stop-Tail, strings. The body is Raw wood and does not have any coating giving you the option how you would want to stain or apply the finish on the kit.

These kits are full size.

The Tech Features

Brand: Artist



  • 1x Solid Mahogany body with maple cap & flame veneer
  • 1x Mahogany neck with eco-rosewood fretboard
  • Quality ceramic humbucker pickups numbered the wire, customer can connect easily
  • Scale Length:-  628mm
  • Nut Width:-  43mm


Nice Quality

By: Hollie on 21 January 2020
This just arrived today and I was very happy with the postage time. As for the kit, the body as some weird glue marks in places there would be no glue, but apart from that the body an neck are very nicely made. The maple veneer is paper thin, so I wouldn't use that as a buying point since dying that runs risk of sanding through. The pots are tiny and I honestly wouldn't use those. Can't comment on the pick ups. Rest of the hardware is about what you'd expect in a kit. The only annoying thing is the 'QC Passed" stickers are placed in spots that are visible when the guitar is put together. These would be better in the neck pocket and on the part of the neck that slides into the pocket, especially since they were irritating to remove and left sticker residue.

First class

By: Stephen Watson on 30 October 2019
This is my second and it won't be my last, all the hard work is done just finish assemble and play, the surprising thing is for a screw on neck LP copy this thing plays like a Gibson.


By: Stephen on 12 September 2019
I have been playing my completed guitar now for a couple of weeks and it is exceptional. It stained beautifully with minimal finish sanding, using Stewmac guitar stain and finished of to a lustrous shine with TruOil. The flame top is very attractive and perfectly bookmatched. My only criticism would be some of the numbered stickers on the wiring were missing, which took a couple of attempts to get it right. Googling Les Paul wiring diagram solved the issue. Also one solder joint had broken off (probably my rough handling). All in all you will be very happy with the kit and the finished product.

Kit - Not suitable for staining

By: Dominic on 27 July 2019
I bought this to stain the flame maple top to a colour similar to Slash's AFD guitar with a bit of sunburst. However even though the description states it is "the body is Raw wood and does not have any coating giving you the option how you would want to stain or apply the finish on the kit - accessed 27th July 2019" it had a sealer that makes applying a stain near impossible. I sanded the guitar all over and scraped carefully so as not to go through the veneer but I was not able to consistently stain the gain and ended up with patches where the wood would not take the colour stain. As such if you want to stain this guitar don't buy this one it won't. The instructions don't include a wiring diagram, and even though they all plug together it takes a fair bit of trial and error to get it all working properly. I contacted Artist Guitars a number of times and the responses were not helpful - they did state that the sealer was an oil based sealer, but I had bought water stain as once again the "timber was raw and unsealed" All in all a rather frustrating build that should have been straight forward. The resulting guitar sounds good and the pre-drilled holes lined up with the parts, the cavity for the pick ups were tight and I had to file some of the pick up covers that site below the face down to get them to fit properly. I ended up with a plain colour on the top so the flame maple was wasted and was not the outcome I wanted.
Hello. I am sorry if you have encountered some trouble with the finish on the LPFDIY kit which you have purchased last year. Our old ones were manufactured from our factory and applied with a sealant for better application of oil based finish. However, we have had a lot of complaints and have changed them since then. These new LPFDIY kits no longer have those sealants and thus can be stained or finished by our customers better.

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