Artist LPDIY Do it Yourself Guitar Kit

About This Artist LPDIY Do it Yourself Guitar Kit

Get behind the invention and build your very OWN iconic guitar with these ready-to-go kits. These kits have a base coat and using an oil based paint or finish would be suitable. Cut the headstock to your desired shape.

They include Ready-to-spray unbound bolt-on-neck, unbound body, two humbuckers,cream scratch plate, cream back plates, pots, gold coloured knobs, chrome plated tunomatic bridge, Stop-Tail and strings.

These kits are full size.

The Tech Features

Brand: Artist

Model: LP KIT


  • 1x Solid African Alder Body
  • 1x Maple Neck with Eco-Rosewood fretboard
  • Scale Length:-  628mm
  • Nut Width:-  43mm


Led paul diy kit.

By: on 5 April 2019
It came very well packed, and very quick. I bought it Tuesday and received it Thursday. I'm in Melbourne. The only thing I had a little bit of trouble with was which wires connect. If they were numbered it would have made the whole thing so simple. I'm very pleased with the outcome. Now the biggest problem is picking the color to stain it.

Customer Service

By: on 22 February 2019
I recently purchased a LPDIY kit from Artist Guitars, I had some problems with the staining process of the body, after a call to John I have a new body on the way no charge, tips of which stains to use and how best to sand before staining. in my 30 years of upper management / ownership of retail in Australia it was a pleasure to interact with such a professional group. Can not recommend them more highly. My motto was if a customer came to you with a problem do whatever to fix it and you will win them for life. Seems another company has the same motto as I had.

Parts fit and align well

By: on 16 November 2018
I bought this for a hobby build, and the neck-body fit was nice and tight. The kit came with incorrect amount of mounting pins but the customer service team is awesome and quickly sent me the needed piece.

Above my expectation

By: on 15 February 2018
So I wasn't sure what to expect for something at this price. I've spent more on a single pick up in the past. But the finish of the neck was excellent. No leveling required, just a polish. Maybe I was lucky, but the body is just as nice. My only issue was the neck could have been a tighter fit into the body, but I shimmed it out no problem. I only used the strings provided for checking basic specs and then put on some quality ones. If you want a cheap guitar then just buy a cheap guitar, but if you like building stuff then this is a great entry level kit. I'm very happy with mine.

don't listen to those videos

By: on 21 November 2017
in lots of youtube videos that i watched before buying this i was a bit sceptacle about how it would turn out, but in my opinion, these kits are great. some directions but some faults. the wires are really weak and i had a few break, but i fixed them with a soldering iron/hot rod and they still worked. a piece in my kit didn't come, it is the small sheet of metal that keeps the input in place. but my dad called Artist to get the piece separately shipped, and I'm waiting on it just as i wright this. so as a conclusion, this kit is good some directions- get a soldering iron, if a piece doesn't come call artist, the will sort it out, don't lacquer the guitar, it doesn't dry properly and your guitar will be sticky, choose your paint wisely (i used wood stain instead of paint because i like still being able to see that wood texture and pattern) use tongue oil as a finish NOT LAQUER, throw out the kit strings and buy good quality ones (elixir or addario), i recommend buying new hum buckers and getting rid of the old ones, but i didn't do that, i kept the hum buckers and it sounds ok, so fine either way watch a video by 'guns n guitars' called 'how to build a high end guitar out of a cheap ebay diy kit' he builds a stratocaster, but it will still give u some good tips. so over all, get this kit, its easy to make and it will sound great

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