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Artist Indominus8 8 String Electric Guitar - Black Chrome

Artist Indominus8 8 String Electric Guitar - Black Chrome

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Artist Indominus8 8 String Electric Guitar - Black Chrome

Tune even lower with the new Artist Indominus8. This is the perfect 8 String guitar to take you on that journey into the world of super low-tuned Metal, and Djent.

The Indominus8 has a similar body shape to that of the "super-strat" and combines a cool gloss-black basswood body with a maple bolt-on neck. The chrome hard-tail string-through bridge ensures that the instrument has the great sustaining capabilities so necessary in achieving that "metal wail". As should be the case, the controls are simple and effective, 1 volume, 1 Tone and 3-way Toggle selector.  The guitar is fitted with 10-74 gauge strings.

With moderate to high output passive ceramic humbuckers installed in soap-bar mounts, this guitar has a tight low end allowing for that familiar lower-mid growl that you should hear in any quality 8 string on the market. 

It should be noted that this guitar is a newer upgraded version of the original Indominus8 and now sports better hardware that includes upgraded machine heads and importantly conductive paint in the control cavity. 

The  Artist Indominous8 definitely has some serious hardcore mojo and could be your springboard into heavy metal nirvana. Why not check it out - chances are you won't be sorry.

This guitar has standard tuning posts. In the unlikely event that your strings are too thick for the post holes (if you enjoy playing with heavy-gauge strings), you might need to drill out the post hole and bevel (smooth) the entry and exit of the hole so that there are no sharp edges to break the string.

For information on the strings used on our Artist Guitars, click here.

The Tech Features

Brand: Artist

Model:  Indominus8

Body: Poplar with Basswood Veneer

Neck: Maple Bolt-on

Nut Width: 56mm

Fretboard: Eco-Rosewood, 24 medium jumbo fret

Pickups: 2x Passive Humbucker Pickups, Soap-Bar Mount, both Ceramic Magnet.

Controls: 1x Volume, 1x Tone, 3-Way Toggle Switch (Top: Neck Pickup , Mid: Both Pickups , Bottom: Bridge Pickup)

String Gauge: 10-74

Hardware: Black Chrome

Bridge: Chrome hard-tail string-through

Machine heads: Black chrome die-cast

Neck Profile

  • Scale: 673mm
  • 1st fret Thickness: 20mm
  • Shape: Modern D
  • Radius: 350mm


The dark lord

By: Jake on 17 September 2020
I love this beast. Such a fun guitar to play. Service was excellent, ordered on the Friday played in on the Monday, I put some pretty specific details in the delivery notes and they nailed it. The guitar itself is sick. It holds tunes better than my Jackson's and rg's. I haven't had to tune the lowest 6 strings since I go it. The top 2 only occasionally and only a little. The neck width isn't too bad and she plays well. The guitar comes without a set up so you need to lower the action and intonate the guitar. I can't get the low F# to intonate exactly but I would say the fixed scale length and the strings are probably to blame for that. The neck isn't completely flat to the body so I had to put a turn or 2 on the truss rods to get the action nice but the tuning stability make me apprehensive to pack it. The pickups have a fair amount of noise at high gain but my noise gate sorts most of that out.

A bloody pig in sh#t!!

By: Darcy Terrill on 12 September 2020
absolutely happier than a pig in sh#t! The Indominus 8 was purchased as my first 8 string guitar and having bought from Artist Guitars before, I wasn't even apprehensive of buying an 8 string under 300 clams. Everything I have purchased from Artist Guitars to this day has been spot on and this guitar is top of the damn list. The delivery was super quick, even with all of the COVID sh#t going on. The guitar came neatly and safely packaged and looked bloody amazing upon opening the box. I actually had to take a moment in a cold shower. Right from the first tuning, the guitar holds tune very well and came set up superbly for my playing style the strings which were supplied are of decent quality as well which was the one thing I was unsure of at first. But this thing is a damn beast and it sounds like one too. I am super f#cking stoked with the Indominus 8 and recommend it for bloody everybody! Cheers cobba's.

Indominus8 is killer!

By: Ant on 3 August 2020
This is my first 8-string as I was considering if I wanted a tad more expensive one like an Ibanez or a Schecter (within budget of course!). I've only ever played on a 6 string however I figured that buying this 8-string at 299$ wouldn't hurt me as much even if I ended up hating it. One tip, definitely restring the guitar (I used Earnie Ball Top Bottom Heavy). There's just something about factory stock strings that won't give you that satisfying tone quality. Honestly, blown away by the quality now after restringing it. Pickups aren't comparable to EMGs, DeMarzios, Bareknuckles and etc however it does a good job producing clear sounding notes with a decent amount of sustain on clean and distortion. I plugged it into the PC via an audio interface to test it's recording capabilities and it definitely rocks! Exactly what I needed for my tracks. The recorded tracks are easy to mix and master so it's something I'm extremely comfortable with when recording. Won't have to upgrade to another 8-string guitar at all, already love this one to bits! Thank you Artist Guitars!

Artist Indominus 8-string Electric Guitar

By: Matt on 28 July 2020
Absolutely cannot recommend Artist Guitars as a company and their actual guitars enough! Bought an Artist Indominus 8-string Electric Guitar and took a “chance” as I own 7 and 6-string guitars but never owned an 8 and now I’m hooked! Absolutely beautiful guitar! AMAZING Quality for the price, fairly easy to play once you get your fingers around the thick neck, beautiful inlay design on the fretboard etc. Thank You soo much Artist Guitars! I will continue being a customer without a doubt and can I also mention that the staff and customer service online was very prompt and kind and friendly! I didn’t even realise that they had contacted me notifying me of a delay with the courier company (Artist themselves send products so fast!) when most companies you would have to chase things up and email first. Cannot fault a single thing. I will be recommending Artist Guitars and your products to anyone I know looking for a new instrument! If you’re unsure about trying an 8-string - go for it! This Indominus 8 is incredible quality for the price! Thanks again Artist!


By: BVS on 6 July 2020
Big sounding guitar.. very good for its price.. good on distortion , but clean out well.. take a while to play with wide neck, but it's feel/play well..

Very nice

By: Cameron Smith on 20 May 2020
Very impressed , solid guitar . Also got a pack of new strings . Nice sound , im playing with a “tc electric fangs “ distortion pedal . Which gives it a real djenty punchy sound. Which is what i love. Actually really impressed . Perfect for anyone who wants to give 8 string guitars a try , but doesnt want to spend mega bucks for their first one.

Solid Intro to 8-Strings

By: Jordan Martin-Hall on 5 March 2020
Having owned quite a few high end 6 stings in my time I was a little apprehensive going into this, all for no reason. After a basic setup and string change (seriously change the strings) it runs just fine. Can highly recommend as a way to test the djenty waters

Valve for money

By: Michael Taylor on 4 March 2020
I am absolutely delighted with this guitar. I purchased it for my teenage son who has not stopped playing it. The quantity and playability of this instrument is unbelievable considering the amazingly low price. Well done Artist guitars, a real winner.


By: N8oR on 17 February 2020
Ok, for $299 I wasn't expecting much. I read all the awesome reviews about it but was still skeptical. Now I got one for myself and I must say I WAS BLOWN AWAY! After a quick action adjustment and noodling around I fell in love. This is seriously one monster of a guitar not just for the price but in general. I was purchasing it only as a backup but I'm going to be using it live for some of our songs. May end up getting another one as a backup too. Thanks Artist Guitars. Keep up the excellent work.

my 8 string review

By: stregnl on 13 December 2019
Didn't order guitar and case...got 4 cases already, packaged arrived damaged..."piss poor effort AUS. POST"...luckily guitar was undamaged, only just, the minimal packing protection inside of box only just protected guitar and escaped unmarked. Have ordered 2 guitars from China before...'and boy they know how to stuff protection in a box", something to think about.!!! Very pleased with finish and quality of the guitar, and having read previous reviews....and before son gets this guitar i will trick it out with shielding in cavity, no load audio taper/linear pots. replace pickups, ernie ball strings. I'm doing this because... "If you never never go...you'lll never never know"

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