Artist DSM2B Maple Drumsticks with Wooden Tips

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Artist DSM2B Maple Drumsticks with Wooden Tips

Maple drum sticks with wooden tips in 2B size. Great value. These are our most economical drum sticks, but they are also available in Nylon tips at the same low price. Or use the harder wearing Oak sticks that last much longer.


The Tech Features

Model :- DSM2B
Wood :- Maple
Tips :- Wooden
Size :- 2B
Dimensions (mm) :- 405 x 16


2B or not 2B

By: on 2 March 2014
I have just received my latest boxful of woodtip maple 2B drumsticks. I have found them to be a quality stick that seems to last ages. I wouldn't call myself a heavy hitting player, however i do tend to play a rimshot on most backbeats which chews away at the taper as we all know.These sticks seem to put up with the abuse quite well possibly because of the large diameter. I like the fatter stick as I find my hand cramps up using a smaller diameter stick. These sticks are not overly heavy despite their thickness so I find I can play the whole gig without getting knackered.Overall a good working player's stick at a great price

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