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6 x Artist DSH5AN Hickory 5A Drumsticks with Nylon Tips

Artist DSH5AN Hickory 5A Drum Sticks with Nylon Tips

100% A-Grade American Hickory drumsticks with nylon tips in the popular 5A size. 

These drum sticks are made of premium quality straight grain American Hickory and have been paired to perfection using digital testing. Each pair is rolled, weight matched, and digitally pitch matched before being paired and packaged. This ensures each pair of sticks is perfectly matched.

If you're looking for a more durable and longer lasting pair these are the sticks for you!  

The Tech Features

Brand: Artist

Model: DSH5AN

Wood: Top Grade American Hickory

Tips: Nylon

Size: 5A


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Versatile Drum Sticks for the modern technological

By: on 25 June 2020
An attractive looking, balanced and evenly weighted drum stick, with durable plastic tip protection for all skin and cymbal surfaces, especially found on "hybrid-drum-kits" comprised of real and electric kit elements suiting all drumming style genres. Highly recommended for old school or modern drumming styles across the board...