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Artist BSK20V2 20 Watt Battery Powered Amplifier

Now with an improved high-quality 6.5"" woofer and a soft dome tweeter for greater clarity!

One of the latest amplifiers to come into our line of great value-for-money amplifiers, the BSK20V2 offers a lot. The perfect companion for the busking musician or for those still learning and needing an amp on the go. It features portability and sound versatility. With its built-in rechargeable battery (up to 8 hours battery life), this amplifier is ideal for street gigs, rehearsals, and lessons anywhere.

It has a 20 Watt Output RMS through an 6.5 inch speaker and 1"" tweeter. It has a high input gain with a 3 band EQ for your instrument and a high/low input with a Level and Tone control for your mic. You're also able to play along to your favourite backing tracks or music by connecting your audio device via Bluetooth. To top it all off, the amplifier has a built-in digital reverb. It also features a headphone input for those times that you want to practice but need to be quiet.

The BSK20V2 has 3 rubber feet on 3 sides to switch between the different operational positions. The amp can be powered either via an AC or DC Power supply.

This amp is multi-purpose, and functions in a similar way to a PA system. If you want to use it for electric guitars, you may want to use it with a pedal that has amp simulation and cab/speaker emulation. That said, it can be used for acoustic guitars, electric guitars, and bass.

The Tech Features

Brand: Artist

Model: BSK20V2

Output RMS: 20 watts


  • Instrument: 1/4 inch high input jack
  • Mic: 1/4 inch low input and 1/4 inch high input

Speaker: High quality 6.5 inch speaker with 1 inch soft dome tweeter

Additional Features:

  • Built-in Rechargeable Battery
  • Bluetooth capabilities
  • Built-in Reverb
  • Headphone Output

Power Plug: (See our blog post for more details)

  • AU & NZ: 240V with AU/NZ Plug
  • UK: 230V with UK plug (with a fuse in the plug)
  • USA: 120V with USA 3 pin plug


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Artist BSK20V2 20 Watt Battery Powered Amplifier

By: on 26 November 2021
I really wanted to like this amp because of the features it came with...rechargeable battery, Bluetooth, reverb, two inputs and it's size. It is built like a tank but it is let down by a very annoying constant hiss, even during playing, and a high pitched noise when Bluetooth is engaged. To be honest, I gave it a go for about 10 days, however it is just not useable in it's current form. I contacted Artist and they were fantastic as usual. I was able to return the amp and I bought the JOYO DC-15S is a little ripper.

Artist Guitars Response
Sorry to hear that the amp didn't work out. We're glad that we were able to help you resolve your concern. Thanks for all your continued support for us. If you have any questions or need assistance, don't hesitate to reach out. Cheers!

Lack of Quality Control on AMPs

By: on 11 November 2021
First of all let me say I was more than happy with the Artist Guitar I bought at the same time as this AMP. It is just great. However, the I bought AMP had a couple of issues. I had to ignore the constant hum it produced when playing my guitar through it. And after a lot of knob twiddling I was able to get a sound from the AMP that pleased me. But one of the main reasons for buying the AMP was to use the 'BlueTooth' facility to play backing tracks to get in some serious practice. Let me just say, with this AMP I had been sent, forget it! All I got when I turned on the 'BlueTooth' was a lot more Hum and Buzz that nearly drowned out my backing tracks. After a large number of email exchanges and even a phone call, my AMP went back to Artist Guitars Direct so that a replacement could be sent. I believed that perhaps this first AMP had been one that had got through Quality Control without proper testing. However, the replacement proved to be even worse. Initially I could get no sound out of it at all when I had my guitar plugged into it in channel 2. But I discovered after a few anxious minutes that I had to turn the volume on channel 1 (the microphone channel) in order to hear my guitar. I then tested the 'BlueTooth' to find it had the same issue I had with the first AMP I returned. I presumed I would at least be able to get a decent sound out of it to practice guitar as I had with the first AMP, but no amount of knob twiddling improved the brittle/distorted sound I was getting. This AMP is currently repacked and waiting to go back to Artist Guitars Direct as soon as they have shifted warehouses and I receive a return label so that I can get a refund. I suggest that if you are interested in buying an AMP like this that you visit the showroom (when it repons) and test the AMP with your own guitar before actually making a purchase. I could save many hours ... Clearly the AMPS lack reliable Quality Control to sort out any issues such as I have experienced.

Artist Guitars Response
I am so sorry for the inconvenience and that your experience with the amp was not ideal. We will definitely have this feedback sent to our factory. We really appreciate such feedback so we may improve our products and service.

Bad sound and buzz noise

By: on 6 November 2021
I bought this amp and the sound is very poor, it needs all the controls up to be able to hear a mic and There is constant noise. I can't even plugit with Bluetooth to watch a movie. I bought it in the website from someone who returned it so they told me I couldn't return it as it was an offer. Now I know why the other person bought it. Don't waist your money with this product.

Artist Guitars Response
I am so sorry to hear this Jorge. Please let us know through email how we can help you further at Customer returned items are not eligible for our 100-day free returns but it is covered under our 3-year warranty.

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