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Artist Brownburst58 X Anniversary Limited Edition Semi Hollow Electric

Artist Brownburst58 X Anniversary Limited Edition Semi Hollow Electric

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Artist Brownburst58 X Anniversary Limited Edition Semi Hollow Electric Guitar

To celebrate our 10th annniversary, We present you with the 10th Anniversary Limited Edition, Brownburst58!

This classic style guitar has existed in many forms since it was first released in 1958. Since then it has been coveted by some of the greatest Rock 'n Roll, Blues and Jazz guitarists that the world has ever known. Legendary names like BB King, Freddie King, John McLaughlin, Larry Carlton, Jorma Kaukonen, Eric Clapton, and Elvin Bishop are among the multitude of players who have loved the diverse tones that this type of instrument offers. Now it's your turn!

This is a great sounding instrument and aesthetically beautiful at the same time. It features a 3 piece Maple neck with an Ebony Fretboard. The 22 frets show off the 'Block' shaped plastic inlays and when you add to the comfortable "C" shape neck, the wheeled tune-o-matic bridge and a locking stop-bar tailpiece, you have a guitar that will not only feel great under your fingers but one that will sustain forever.

The Brownburst 58 sports our Signature Bullbucker Individual Coil Splitting pickups which means that you have the option of the warm throaty tones of the neck pickup or the biting clean sounds of the bridge pickup. When you set your toggle switch in between neck and bridge pickup you get that wonderful almost out of phase sound which confirms that this is an extremely versatile guitar that will be very responsive under your fingers. You will be able to put a stamp on all those great blues solos and wail like the greats or you could darken the tone to suit the "cool" of any dingy little jazz club.

The Limited Edition Brownburst58 will only be on sale while stocks last and won't be hanging around for long! Get yours now!

The Tech Features

Brand: Artist

Model: Brownburst58

Neck: 3 piece Maple Set-Neck; Modern C Shape; 350mm

Fingerboard: Ebony with Block Inlays and a 43mm Bone Nut, 12th fret has the 10th Anniversary Logo

Truss Rod: 24-3/4" Scale Length, 22 Frets,  with 'Block' shaped plastic Inlays.

1st fret Thickness: 21mm

Body: Maple

Machine Heads: Die-cast Chrome Locking Machine Heads

Bridge: Chrome Wheeled Tune-o-Matic style with Brass Saddles and 'Locking Stop-Bar' Tailpiece.

Pickups: Artist Bullbuckers with Chrome Cover and Individual Coil Splitting

Controls: 2 x Volume, 2 x Tone 

Switch: 3 way

Colour: Brown Sunburst

Weight: 3.5kg - 4kg approx.

Optional Hardcases and Bags:

  • Cases: JC450
  • Bags: HGBAGES335


Believe the hype

By: on 1 April 2021
Brilliant guitar, and not just for the price. Frets are next level. I love my epi casino which has an open airy sound. Artist is thicker, piano like, articulate. Not a fault in the finish. Scary they can do this for $399. I would chose the artist over the epi.
By: Artist Guitars
We really appreciate the review that you have left. We are so happy to hear that you love the guitar. Please do not hesitate to contact us if you have any questions or need assistance with a concern.


By: on 10 March 2021
I think that putting up a guitar like this, at the same price as the other semi-hollow models, is a gift to any customer smart enough to catch this bargain before it runs out. How is this guitar a bargain? 1) It has the Bullbucker pickups, with split coils. The brass roller saddles. The locking tuners. The block inlays with the big X on the 12th fret. 2) The QC is exceptional here. The finish is perfect, the right elements, like the raised pot knobs, the look, the exceptionally good hardware, the playability. 3) it was ready out of the box, clearly the jumbo frets have been levelled, and polished, and the intonation already adjusted. The neck is perfect (for me at least). And the tone has nothing less than richer guitars. A bargain? Or a steal? It's my tenth Artist so far, and it goes right in line with my ST62 Vintage White in terms of quality and playability. Congratulations to the team for this achievement, 10 years and I wish you a thousand more.
By: Artist Guitars
We are so happy to hear that you are enjoying the guitar and for your continued patronage of our products. We really appreciate the time you have taken to write this informative review. If you have any questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to contact us.


By: on 18 February 2021
Box arrived at my door 3 days after purchase. I excitedly cut the tape away to reveal a nice solid case. Impressive I though. Not as impressive it seems as the contents. I removed the wrapping and held my breathe. Not a mark, emblemish or imperfection. Woowsers. After I tune it up and check the intonation it was time to fire it up with my Orange rt35 amp. Semi jumbo frets and mellow yellow tones. Noice!!! In short, it will be very hard for competitors to keep to this impressive standard. Well done Artist.
By: Artist Guitars
We are really happy to hear that you like the guitar. We appreciate the feedback and the review/ We certainly are looking forward to your continued business and support with us.


By: on 29 January 2021
As an intermediate hacker I love this thing, the cleans are amazing. I'm more of an indie rock or classic rock player but this has me going back mucking around with open chord progressions and the like. Not great with alot of gain but the cleans are sublime

A Beautiful Instrument that is Amazing Value for M

By: on 27 January 2021
What can I say? The Artist Guitars Brownburst58 X Anniversary Limited Edition is amazing! When I was a semi-pro player many years ago I had a real Gibson 335TDC which I purchased new in 1962, so I think I am qualified to make a reasonable comparison! I played pop rock and later club work. My family had been on to me to play again, which I hadn’t for about 35 years! I bought a small electro acoustic and added an Artist Guitars AGA 40watt amplifier - my first purchase from the company. It was very well made and was well matched to the guitar. Of course, once you have had a real 335 you still want to find something like it and so I searched music shops for replicas, eventually ending up deciding to try the Brownburst58 after querying a few points with the helpful Artist Guitars team. I ordered one, with a case, late on a Thursday afternoon and amazingly it all arrived on the Saturday morning – 10 out of 10 for fast service! The finish on mine is exceptional with no flaws - you even get edge binding to the ‘F’ holes and on the ends of the frets as standard (didn’t have that on the Gibson!). It is heavier and the neck chunkier than my ‘62, but Gibson necks varied quite a bit over the years, with the early ‘62 being the thinnest. Here it is all about personal preference (and familiarity!) because if you read the Gibson forum you will find players bemoaning that some necks are not thick enough. I am only playing this at home, but many of the tones are very familiar sounding. All in all its exceptional value and I am enjoying reliving my glory days without paying a fortune!

Terrible Quality

By: on 23 January 2021
I was given 2 terrible excuses for quality control had high hopes but no if you get your first one with any problems get a refund and buy an actual es 335
By: Artist Guitars
Hello Jack. I am really sorry for what you have encountered. I assure you that we are assessing the guitars for the mentioned faults. Both guitars, with 1 already returned and the other which is on the way back will be thoroughly assessed and if the quality is definitely not up to par with our standards, we will be raising it up with our quality control and factory. Lastly, I can assure you that you have been sent the strings that you have asked for as compensation.

Very Happy

By: on 7 January 2021
After some delays with shipping, although I must add that both the couriers and the team at Artist guitars answered my emails promptly, my guitar arrived in perfect condition. I am a complete beginner and have never owned a guitar before so I am unable to compare with other guitars but for me the quality of finish was excellent. After careful scrutiny I did not find one blemish. The sound of the semi hollow was perfect for my taste and coupled with the NUX Mighty 8BT gave me a huge range of sounds for the variety of music I like (Johnny Cash to Red Hot Chilli Peppers and anything in between). More than happy with my purchase.

Amazing Guitar

By: on 3 January 2021
The Good: Unbelievable value for money, a beautiful playing, beautiful looking, beautiful sounding guitar that in any other brand you'd be paying at least $1,000AUD for. The highlights for me are the ebony fingerboard at this price point, and those incredible, coil splitting, bullbucker pickups. It's the best sounding electric I own. The Bad: A very slight imperfection in the clear coating on the back of the guitar, and the locking tuners are really not that amazing. There is noticeable string slip when tuning up or down and this guitar doesn't hold tune any better than my guitars that don't have locking tuners. The UGLY: The guitar is fantastic, the delivery wait was awful. Charged out on 3/12 the couriers got the guitar to me on the 23/12, three frickin weeks from it leaving Artist guitars, when I only live a few hours drive from the Sydney showroom on the mid north coast (Old Bar specifically). I would strongly suggest Artist guitars cans the promise of free delivery if it means they can use a better courier service that can guarantee delivery in a timely fashion.

Brownburst 58 X

By: on 29 December 2020
My first semi hollow electric; so wasn't sure what to expect. Picked it up from the customer return section; in perfect condition with case. Plays well, looks amazing. The construction is solid and the finish pretty much perfect. The locking tuners work a treat. The 'bullbucker' pickups are fantastic - from warm jazz tones to twangy country stuff, there's not a bad sound in them. The coil splitting option gives you twice the variety. I purchased this mainly for playing blues but it will easily suit a wide variety of genres.

Brownburst X Anniversary Guitar

By: on 23 November 2020
Finish - excellent. For the price, this guitar is brilliant. Looks and sounds great out of the box. Neck feels good, action and intonation good. A couple of minor complaints - There doesn't seem to be a lot of adjustment on the tone pots. It only needs to be backed off very slightly to drastically change the tone, and then from there on the tone doesn't seem to change much when backing them all the way off. Also, the bridge has a loose retaining screw which can't be tightened down as it bottoms out on the machined shoulder. I seem to rest my hand against it when playing and it rattles a bit. I will probably fit a thin washer under it to take up the slack. Apart from those minor issues, this guitar is a bargain and I'm looking forward to using it live. At the moment, it suits me better than my Fender 72 thinline reissue for the type of stuff I'm playing, and sounds great for the warm mellow tones that I'm after.

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