Artist BLACKCHERRY Translucent Black Hollow Body Electric Guitar

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Artist BLACKCHERRY Translucent Black Hollow Body Electric Guitar

Based on our popular Cherry58 model, the Artist Black Cherry was developed as a direct result of feedback from our customers looking for something with a little more versatility than the Cherry58. 

While retaining many of the features of the more traditional Cherry 58 the Artist Black Cherry differs because of the addition of the roller vibrato. This Bigsby style vibrato was popular in rockabilly from its earliest days and now has gained widespread popularity across many styles of music both on stage and in the recording studio. 

With the typical set-neck that typifies most 335 style guitars, this is a great instrument for anybody looking for something unique in their sound. Like the body, the neck is constructed of maple on an eco-friendly purpleheart fretboard. This wood is a fine substitute for rosewood which is now considered a highly endangered species and as a result is rarely if ever used in general guitar building these days. The 22 frets show off the 'Dot' shaped plastic inlays and when you add to the comfortable "C" shape neck the Bigsby style roller vibrato system you have a great budget priced guitar in every way.

The Artist BlackCherry sports chrome covered Humbuckers with Alnico V magnets which means that you have the option of the warm throaty tones of the neck pickup or the biting clean sounds of the bridge pickup. When you set your toggle switch in between neck and bridge pickup you get that wonderful almost out of phase sound so this is an extremely versatile guitar that will be very responsive under your fingers. The addition of push-pull coil splitting on both pickups is an extremely useful and versatile addition offering single coil/ humbucker configurations in a variety of options to this wonderful instrument.

The Tech Features

Brand: Artist

Model: BlackCherry Translucent Black

Neck: Maple Set-Neck

Truss Rod:  24-3/4" Scale Length, 22 Frets, Eco-Rosewood Fretboard with trapezoid shaped Inlays

Nut:  Bone

Nut Width: 43mm

1st fret Thickness: 21mm

Neck Shape: Modern C

Neck Radius: 350mm

Body: Maple (Depth: 4.6cm)

Centerblock: Mahogany

Machine Heads: Die-cast Black Chrome, (Locking)

Bridge:- Chrome roller vibrato


Neck: 4 Conductor Coil Splitting, Alnico V Bar, D.C. Resistance: 7.2K, 4.2 Ohm, Chrome plated cover

Bridge: 4 Conductor Coil Splitting, Alnico V Bar, D.C. Resistance: 8.2K, 5.0 Ohm, Chrome plated cover

Controls: 2 x Volume with coil tap, 2 x Tone and a 3-way selector switch

Colour:- Translucent Black


Absolute Bargin

By: Gary on 1 August 2019
Bought this guitar on the 9th July as a customer returned product at a very good price. Fingers were crossed hoping for a good guitar. When I received the box on delivery it was trashed beyond recognition. Stickers all over it claiming no responsibility at certain stages of handling. It looked as though it had been drowned in the sea. My fingers at this stage were uncrossed as I thought the guitar would be trashed also. I was wrong. A few marks here and there which I accept as a customer returned product but that was it. A miracle the guitar was still alive. This guitar is 5 star. The finish is flawless. The hardware is good. The pickups sound great. The neck is perfect. The playability is perfect (for me anyway). I did do a complete set up though to make sure the guitar sang, and it does. My only issues are the vibrato arm hits the body when moved to the rear and the selector switch is in a bad positon toward the back of the body. Minor issues for me. I recommend this guitar.

Quite Nice

By: Ian on 18 July 2019
Nice to play and sounds quite good. It doesn't seem in any way inferior to my Epiphone Les Paul Standard, as far as playability goes. I don't think the pickups are as good as the Epiphone ones, though, but they're OK. Finish is excellent. Intonation out of the box was fairly good, but not perfect. I didn't have to adjust the neck. Only thing was it sounded a little twangy when I started playing it. Turns out as it has a bigger body than the LP, my hand was too far back :) I like the way it was shipped IN the case that I purchased with it - much better than shipping in a cardboard box!

Better than expected at this price

By: Peter Norton on 23 March 2019
Received my BLACKCHERRY Transluscent Black hollowbody about three weeks ago and have gone over it thoroughly. I find it to be very well made, beautiful finish with absolutely no blemishes. No sharp fret ends to contend with and a very comfortable C shaped neck. pickups sound very nice with a clear distinction between Neck and Bridge. All 6 locking tuners work very well. the binding in the F holes add a speciol look to the top. The case seems to be very well constructed and strong and is a perfect fit for the guitar. The knobs for the push/pull pots could be improved with the addition of a slight ring around the top to make it easier to pull up (as used on other guitar brands). The only gripe I have is with the Tremolo. Needs to have spacers underneath as the bottom E string sits on the back of the bridge and causes string popping and will probably also cause string breaks. Also because it is so low, when you swing the arm out of the way it drags across the top of the body and if not careful will put heavy scratches on the surface. Because this is such a big guitar the trem arm is also too short. Overall I would recommend this model to anyone after this style of guitar. I am very pleased with both the product and service. THANKS GUYS

Interested in the Black Cherry Hollow Body.

By: Ross Clarke on 19 January 2019
Disappointed to read that the artist guitars are not set up by a guitar technician prior to being sent thru to the customer.


By: Kenneth Billman on 18 January 2019
Beautiful guitar prefer it to my LP and Fender Strat. Artist guitars are really well built and play beautifully. Won’t but anywhere else.

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