Artist BLACKCHERRY Translucent Black Hollow Body Electric Guitar

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Better than expected at this price

By: on 23 March 2019
Received my BLACKCHERRY Transluscent Black hollowbody about three weeks ago and have gone over it thoroughly. I find it to be very well made, beautiful finish with absolutely no blemishes. No sharp fret ends to contend with and a very comfortable C shaped neck. pickups sound very nice with a clear distinction between Neck and Bridge. All 6 locking tuners work very well. the binding in the F holes add a speciol look to the top. The case seems to be very well constructed and strong and is a perfect fit for the guitar. The knobs for the push/pull pots could be improved with the addition of a slight ring around the top to make it easier to pull up (as used on other guitar brands). The only gripe I have is with the Tremolo. Needs to have spacers underneath as the bottom E string sits on the back of the bridge and causes string popping and will probably also cause string breaks. Also because it is so low, when you swing the arm out of the way it drags across the top of the body and if not careful will put heavy scratches on the surface. Because this is such a big guitar the trem arm is also too short. Overall I would recommend this model to anyone after this style of guitar. I am very pleased with both the product and service. THANKS GUYS

Interested in the Black Cherry Hollow Body.

By: on 19 January 2019
Disappointed to read that the artist guitars are not set up by a guitar technician prior to being sent thru to the customer.


By: on 18 January 2019
Beautiful guitar prefer it to my LP and Fender Strat. Artist guitars are really well built and play beautifully. Won’t but anywhere else.

A. Piece of Junk

By: on 12 January 2019
Really disappointed with the Black Cherry. The neck was set incorrectly so it's impossible to do a good setup and get the action right.

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