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By: on 3 July 2021
This is the second guitar I have purchased from Artists. The 12 string exceeded expectations but the TC59 has just blown me away. This is definitely on the heavy side @ 4Kgs my other TC copy is 3 1/2 Kgs so not a great problem. Played through a Roland Jazz Chorus JC77 the sound is fantastic.

Artist Guitars Response
We really appreciate this review. Thank you so much for your support!

Beautiful guitar

By: on 18 June 2021
This guitar is just simply beautiful. Plays and sounds fantastic. The finish is flawless. Balanced really nicely. Could not say one negative thing about it.

Artist Guitars Response
Thank you very much for your awesome feedback! We really appreciate it. We look forward to more business with you in the future. Cheers!

Artist BLACKCHERRY Gloss Black Hollow Body Electri

By: on 14 June 2021
Brilliant guitar - definitely great value for money and outstanding quality sound and build.

Artist Guitars Response
We are happy to hear that you're satisfied with your Black Cherry guitar. Thank you for all the support. Cheers!

So good

By: on 2 June 2021
This is my 10th or 11th guitar from Artist, (i've lost count). Straight out of the box it's great to play. Low action with no buzzes. Frets are fine but i'm pretty fussy so i'll give them a good polish to get rid of a little scratchiness that is present. The tremolo feels great and i'm so happy it has roller saddles (one of its big selling points), but i will need to do a little work on the nut to make it stay in tune properly. Easy job. My one disappointment is that it is solid black. From the photos i thought it was a kind of "black burst" where the color fades in the middle and possibly even showed some woodgrain through the color. I guess the lighting in the photos made it look that way to me. Black burst would have been amazing, but none the less it's still a gorgeous guitar. Over all, the quality, the hardware, the feel, the sound, are all so good. It's big and a little on the heavy side so it's not ideal for a kid or a girl, but i'm very happy with it and would definitely recommend it.

Artist Guitars Response
We're happy that you like the overall sound, feel and quality of the guitar and thank you for the review. We are always open to feedback to further improve our products and service. Don't hesitate to reach out if you have any questions or concerns we can help you with.

Black cherry with a bigsby type trrm

By: on 25 May 2021
I am yet to be unimpressed by any product I've purchased from artist,this guitar is no exception.I have heard many times as we all do that we have too many of,well anything,but it was my partner who actually bought this for argument or even unpleasant don't do it justice and price is incredible,I'm not really brand biased but really no comparison out there.Tune it and enjoy,looking forward to playing in anger

Artist Guitars Response
Thank you for the review and for all your support. Don't hesitate to reach out to us if you have any questions or concerns we can help you with.