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Artist BAH200 200w Bass Amp Head

The very first Bass Amp Head from Artist Guitars is here! The perfect companion for the gigging bassist and for those looking for an amp and cabinet set up without breaking the bank. This Class D Amp Head gives you tone, versatility and a massive load of features all in a compact package.

It features an earthshaking 200 watts RMS output at 4 ohms complete with a 5-band EQ for the precise tone calibration that every bassist needs. It has a button which can be toggled to suit whether you are using an active/passive input bass. It also features a built in compression circuitry with ratio control to ensure that your output would have the same volume no matter how hard you play. There are also built-in Thermal and Over Current Protection.

Not only for gigs, the BAH200 also has an aux input to assist you with practice. Plug in your media device and play along to your backing tracks or music.

Please note: This is an amplifier head only - it does not have any speakers. You must connect this to a bass speaker cabinet or headphones before use.

The Tech Features

Brand: Artist

Model: BAH200

Type: Class D

Power Output: 200w RMS

Power Requirement: 100-120VAC or 220-240VAC; 50Hz/60Hz 220w (Included)

Weight: 2.5Kgs

Front Panel Controls:

  • 1/4 inch Jack Input - To plug in your instrument
  • Mute - Button to Mute your Output While the Amp is still on
  • Passive/Active - To change the attenuation of the input whether you are using a passive or an active bass guitar.
  • Gain - Determines how hard you're driving the preamp section of your amp.
  • Bass - Controls the amount of low frequencies or bottom end in your tone. The more you increase, the more punch you will add. If your sound sounds too muddy then decrease this control to Tighten your sound.
  • Low Mid - Dictates the Lower side of your middle-frequency register of the amplifier. Turning this up will make your Bass guitar sound fatter, ideal for Rock and Metal style Bass tone. Conversely reducing the amount of Low-Mid in your tone will result in a scooped hollower Bass guitar sound for most Metal and Funk styles of Bass playing.
  • High Mid - Dictates the higher side of your middle-frequency register of the amplifier. Turning this up will make your guitar sound bittier, ideal for Slap style Bass. Conversely reducing the amount of High-mid in your tone will result in a darker and warmer Bass guitar sound for the classic Rock and Jazz Bass tones
  • Treble - Controls the high frequencies of the Bass guitar tone. If you increase the treble your bass will sound brighter.
  • Presence - Makes your High Mids and Treble Brighter allowing you to better meld with the mix.
  • Master - Your Master Volume which controls the overall output of the amp
  • Headphone Input - Allows you to practice quietly by plugging in headphones
  • Gain Clip LED - Led light indicates when amp signal is clipping
  • Master Volume Peak LED - Led light indicates when amps anti clip feature is in use

Back Panel:

  • Power - Used to Turn the amp On/Off
  • Power Jack Input
  • Aux In - Used to Connect Audio Devices
  • Direct Out with Level Knob - Used to connect the amp to an external output using an XLR Cable
  • Send
  • Return
  • Tuner Out
  • Footswitch Input - Used to Connect a Footswitch to Control the Mute Function
  • Speaker Outputs - 4 Ohm Speaker Outputs
  • Pre/Post Control
  • Ground Lift Control

Power Plug: (See our blog post for more details)

  • AU & NZ: 240V with AU/NZ Plug
  • UK: 230V with UK plug (with a fuse in the plug)
  • USA: 120V with USA 3 pin plug


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Typical Artist Guitars quality & value

By: on 28 October 2021
I bought the BAH200 bass head together with the BCN110 amp cabinet — the special "package" price throughout October was just too good to pass up, so I got both. ………. The BAH200 is a compact, well-built, robust head with pretty much all the features you’d expect on a performance unit (they’re all listed on the website, so no point in repeating them here). ………. I LIKED: the Active/Passive and Mute switches on the front, the Pre/Post and Ground Lift switches and Level control for the DI Out on the back, and the provision of Speakon and ¼” outputs for speaker connection (although the cable supplied is a ¼” only, so you’ll need your own Speakon lead if that’s your preference.) And the Mute function can also be “remotely” controlled with a latching footswitch (not supplied). The EQ controls all produce a marked change right across their range, so you can certainly dial in the tone you want. (Well, okay, the Presence control doesn’t do much, but that’s typical of the more subtle effect of such a knob.) ………. I DIDN’T LIKE: the knobs — they’re all circular, with a barely-discernible position marker on each, meaning it’s difficult to tell your individual settings at a glance even on a sunny day, and near on impossible on a dimly-lit stage. First thing I did (before even turning it on for the first time) was swap them all out for chicken-head knobs, and I respectfully suggest that AG should do the same for the next production run ….. THINGS THAT COULD BE BETTER: Just nitpicking, but the BAH200 doesn’t pair perfectly with the BCN110 in the sense that it won't sit stably atop the cab — because of the height of the handle on the top of the cab, the amp is “rickety” when positioned there, and can therefore be yanked off onto the floor if you happen to pull on / trip over your guitar cable. The amp needs slightly taller rubber feet for better stability by ensuring all four corners make contact with the cab. Just sayin’ ….. Also (and this may not bother you at all), plugging in headphones doesn’t cut the speaker output (I’d normally expect it would), so you’ll need to unplug the cab if you want to avoid waking the neighbours ………. Talking of the cab, the BCN110 is, IMO, small but adequate for rehearsal / studio / smaller venue use. No, you’re not going to knock down the walls of a large building, but the 10” neodymium speaker punches above its weight, and it had no problem handling the low “B” on a 5-stringer, even at a reasonable volume. Construction is solid, and that carry handle on the top is useful for lugging it around, although, at less than10 kgs, it’s not going to break your back anyway. (Neodymium speakers weigh quite a bit less than ferrite magnet ones, without sacrificing power or tone.) ….. Overall, 4½ stars to both amp and cab for features, build, performance, and overall value, although I’ve rounded up to 5 — but, please, guys, change those amp knobs!

Artist Guitars Response
Thank you so much for taking the time to share this feedback. We really appreciate the support!

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