Xvive S003 Coloured Guitar Strap - Grey

About this Xvive S003 Coloured Guitar Strap - Grey

This is an adjustable economy grade guitar strap suited for guitars, bass guitars and instruments that can be suited with a strap..


The Tech Features

Brand:- Xvive

Model: S003

Colour: Grey with Black Side Lining



Strapping budget

By: Kdp on 30 March 2019
3 straps that all attach your guitar to your body. Shoelaces included, nice touch. I like the colour. AC rock!

Surprisingly good quality

By: Robert McLean on 26 October 2017
I was expecting a cheap strap and instead this is a quality product. Thick and strong yet supple.

Worth the price

By: Alan on 2 June 2016
I confess I got this as a freebie as part of the deal when I bought an amplifier, but I'd certainly rate it as being worth the $$$ anyway. I've installed it on one of my practice guitars, and it's actually one of those items that is better in the flesh, so to speak, than it perhaps looks in the picture. The strap has a surprisingly soft, comfortable feel over your shoulder, but it's built like steel — there's no way you're ever going to break this without a set of garden shears! The "infinitely adjustable" nature of the design means you can get the precise length you want without having to punch extra holes in the strap, as you often have to do with some leather ones. Is it the world's best strap? Perhaps not, but I still give it 5 stars for value.

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