Viva MAE211 Acoustic Guitar Pickup

About this Viva MA-E211 Acoustic Guitar Pickup

  • Master Volume to allow you to control your output
  • Has a Bass and Treble Control for your tone shaping needs
  • Phase Inversion for minimizing feedback and unwanted noise.
  • Low Battery Indicator
  • Easy to Install and there would be no need for alterations
  • With a Flexible pickup

The Tech Features:

Brand:- Viva

Model:- MA-E211

Input Impedance:- >2M Ohms

Output Impedance:- <2k Ohms (20Hz - 20kHz)

Frequency Response:- 20Hz - 20kHz

Control Range:- 

  • Bass - 80Hz
  • Treble - 10kHz

Power Supply:- 9v

Battery Life:- approx. 10 hours



Viva MA E 211

By: Dan on 1 September 2019
First off, the shipping was incredible! Hand it in my hands the next day so it's perfect for working musicians who need a quick fix. The pickup has beautiful tone, really lovely colour and treb and bass harmony. Only issue is that it is very sensitive to bass sounds and quite often shorts out, so you need to be careful regarding settings and how often you fiddle with it, simple fix really. All in all and quality product.

Viva MAE211 Acoustic Guitar Pickup

By: john on 18 August 2019
Had this installed in a takamine acoustic, what a great pickup,easy install, highly recommended

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