Swiff Audio P200 Isolated Power Supply with Real-Time Voltage Display

Swiff Audio P200 Isolated Power Supply with Real-Time Voltage Display

Give your pedal board a fresh new look with the Swiff Audio P200 Isolated Power Supply. With its minimalistic and modern design, you will have no problem with space for it while blending in with your pedal board. The pedal features 8 transformer (using minature PQ transformers) fully isolated outputs (7 x 9v DC 100mA and 1 x Adjustable 4-9v DC 500mA) ensure that noise generated by the power supply is minimized and will solve earth loop problems that some pedal boards suffer from. The power supply  also features a short circuit alarm.

It also comes with a 5v 1 Ampere Output on the side for charging 5v devices such as phones or wireless units when needed. It fhas 1 DC 500mA output which can have its voltage adjusted from 4 to 9 volts depending on what you would need. This output's voltage is displayed on the Voltage Display.

Though small, it uses Aircraft-grade Aluminum for its casing and making the power supply durable, lightweight, and can dissipate heat at a fast rate. This is one roadworthy companion for any gigging musician who is on the road.

The Tech Features:

Brand:- Swiff Audio

Model:- P200


  • 7 x 9v DC 100mA
  • 1 x Adustable 4-9v 500mA with Voltage Display
  • 1 x 5v 1A for charging devices

Power Requirement:- 12v 2A

Included in the Box:- 

  • 8 pieces power patch cables with 1 right angle
  • 1 piece power patch cables with straight ends
  • 12c 2A power supply


Not so quiet

By: Jes Sammut on 12 September 2020
This is a slick looking and compact power supply, but it's surprisingly noisy. I prefer the Joyo JP05 which is much quieter even when powered by the transformer. Mine was a gift, so I am hanging onto it, otherwise it would be have been a return.

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