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Superlux CMH8B Large Diaphragm Studio-Grade Condenser Microphone

Superlux CMH8B Large Diaphragm Studio-Grade Condenser Microphone

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About this Superlux CMH8B Large Diaphragm Studio-Grade Condenser Microphone

These all-purpose studio-grade condenser microphones combine skillful workmanship with a 1-inch gold deposited diaphragm for the most vivid sound.

The CMH8B has a single diaphragm with fixed cardoid polar pattern. This mic also has a built-in HPF to reduce unwanted lower frequency sounds such as footsteps and air-handler noises and a -10dB pad switch for high SPL instrument.

Shock mount is not included.


The Tech Specs:

Brand:- Superlux

Model:-  CMH8B


  • Use for Studio / Broadcast / Vocals / Woods / Strings / Acoustic Guitar / Piano / Brass / Percussion / Eastern & Western Instruments
  • 1 inch Gold-coated diaphragm
  • Champagne sliver finish
  • A3 protective plastic carrying case
  • Transformer output


Excellent product and quality as always.

By: Connor Kelsall on 23 May 2019
Extremely satisfied with the quality of this microphone for such a low price, wish I could rate more than 5 stars!

Superlux Super Mikes

By: David Mack on 24 October 2018
I've been involved with recording and broadcasting for more than 40 years. I never thought it would happen in my life time to see such a great product come along at such a fair and really reasonable price. I have the Superlux CMH8B and the next model up which has the dual capsule for the figure 8 patern and the direct front on address for a straight broadcsting mike in "on air", studios. Let me tell you,the quality of these mikes you'll find, as I did wont be beaten.They should be ,by all standards,, so much more expensive. But they are just so fairly priced for a really professional piece of gear. When you fire the superlux up you'll think they made a mistake at the check out. Truely, great mikes and terrific headphones as well, robust and long lasting to boot. Good gear makes you feel more professional, SUPERLUX does it for me, in the studio and out and about Superlux ticks all the boxes.Don't just take my word for it, check Superlux out yourself ,It's great gear, at an even better price.Superlux turns you into a professional over night. Believe me Fantastic gear.

Great microphone.

By: Ross on 20 June 2018
Sensitive enough to pick up details and everything pretty accurately and still has a nice full sound across the spectrum. Take loud noise pressure really well, even with the -10dB pad off you can seriously bark into this mic, and it still sounds clear and undistorted. I seriously doubt you can yell, scream or sing loud enough to be a problem with this one, it really handles the volume and sound pressure like a champ. And on the other hand you can crank the gain on your pre-amp and whisper quietly and deeply into it like a late night jazz dj and it sounds fantastic. I have used a lot of dynamic microphones and a couple of cheap condensers so I don't have anything in the market segment this exists in or anything high end it compare it with, but would love to see how it goes, because this is truly a beauty. It is heavy, comes with a hard stand adapter but doesn't come with a shock mount, and artist don't seem to have one to suit.. if you guys are reading I need a few.. wink wink nudge nudge.. profit to be had.. etc etc. Definitely worth getting if you are considering a good condenser microphone for a wide range of applications.

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