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About this Nux NDS2 Brownie Guitar Distortion Effects Pedal Classic British Rock Tone

Shopping for a British distortion pedal? Try the NUX Brownie!

Classical British rock tones of the 1970s are packed into this little box.

How Does it work?

By using a hybrid of circuits, Nux has created preamp and power tube distortion characteristics. Youll be amazed to hear the warm and organic tone reproduced by it.

A special designed BJT input stage makes this distortion pedal breakup in a way when the preamp tube starts to distort. Also, Brownie has an asymmetrical clipping circuit with which you can simulate some of the characteristics of a tube amplifier. It can also keep the bottom tight by processing bass frequencies from getting muddy when they are distorted.

NUX Brownie uses a low-pass tone control filter to simulate the Variac effect (lower the voltage going into the amplifier) for rounding of your tone. The range of tone is controlled yet very useful in dialling in the high end response.

The power clipping circuit is crafted from modern low noise op-amp and two red LED. It can create symmetrical clipping that distorts both halves of the signal and keep the sound smooth. True bypass circuits with a high quality TPDP mechanical footswitch makes the bypass signal clarity.

Note: This pedal does not have a battery compartment

The Tech Features

Brand: Nux

Model: NDS2

Type: True Bypass

Knobs: Luminous Knobs - Tone, Level, Gain

Power: 9v DC Centre Negative 

Weight: 174g

Dimensions: 9.4cm x 5.1cm x 5.3cm


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By: on 4 June 2019
It's kind of like a DS1 crossed with a Guv'nor, but better and smaller. As soon as I turned it on, I grew an 80's mullet and was wearing a headband/bodysuit combo for no reason... High gain distortion pedals almost always add noise into the signal path so be aware this is not a fault with the pedal. Get a noise gate to accompany any high gain pedal purchase. You're welcome.