Nux Mighty8BT Portable Cube Electric Guitar Amplifier with Bluetooth

Nux Mighty 8BT Portable Cube Electric Guitar Amplifier with Bluetooth

This is the perfect amplifier and companion for the street performer and the busker in you! 

The Nux Mighty 8 BT is a portable amplifier that features an 8-watt output through a 6.5" speaker. Do not let the small size fool you as there are many features that will help to bring your street performances to life.

The amp has both a guitar and mic input. The guitar input features 3 presets: Clean, Overdrive and Distortion, which can be tweaked to your preference. The Mic input features both a Volume and Reverb Send Control.

Impressively, the Mighty 8BT boasts 4 built-in Delays with Tap Tempo and 4 Reverb effects and also features a drum machine with 8 different beats that can also be controlled with the Tap Tempo button.

Do you want to play along with backing tracks or songs that you like? No problem for the Nux Mighty 8BT which boasts Bluetooth capability and an auxiliary input. The amp can be powered using the included 12V Adapter or with 8 AA sized batteries (Not Included)

The final addition to this great little unit is the Mighty 8BT App available for both iOS and Android which will allow you to control the amp's features and customize presets via your mobile device.

The Tech Features:

Brand:- NuX

Model:- Mighty 8 BT

RMS Output:- 8 Watts

Speakers:- 6.5 inches

Inputs:- Guitar and Mic input

Guitar Input Presets:- Clean, Overdrive, Distortion

Mic Input Controls:- Mic Level, Reverb Send

Delay Effects:- Tape, Digital, Analog, Groovy

Reverb Effects:- Hall, Room, Plate, Spring

Beats for Drum Machine:- Metronome, Pop, Metal, Blues, Country, Rock, Ballad Rock, Funk, R&B, Latin

Other Inputs:- 1/8 inch headphone input, Micro B type USB Input

Power Requirements:- 12v DC centre negative (Included) or 8 AA-size batteries for usage time of up to 8 hours (Not Included)

Includes:- Strap, Power Cord


Great little amp!

By: Reinier Blomberg on 1 January 2020
Bought this amp as a busking and practice amp. The Clean tone is excellent really responsive no tweaking needed just dial in tone, gain and effects to your liking and away you go. The Crunch setting equally delivers. Dial back the volume on your guitar and you can get nice Blues /Rock tones again not a lot of tweaking needed. I don't really use heavily distorted tones but they are there as well. Check YouTube there are plenty of good videos demonstrating this amp. Effects are good . You'll get maximum potential out of this amp if you download the NU>X app to your phone ; there are good backing tracks supplied, or with Bluetooth use YouTube videos or whatever music tracks you have on your phone. This amp is so convenient as a practice amp you don't have to spend time turning on your computer,setting up your pedals etc just plug in , select your backing track or song you want to learn ( Spotify, iTunes, YouTube etc )and play! Another good thing are the volume levels loud enough for busking quiet enough for bedroom practice.

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