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About this Nux Komp Core Deluxe Multi Function Analog Compressor Pedal

Multi-function analog compressor pedal featuring a wide variety of compressor tones

Do you want a compressor that doesn't colour your sound? Komp Core Deluxe is a multi-function analog compressor pedal featuring a wide variety of compressor tones. 3 different clip modes and precise knobs provide a wide range of taste. Sustain, Attack and Blend knobs allow you to have a good control perspective on signal and you can give a good sustain with low noise and adjust input sensitivity precisely.

Nux Komp Core Deluxe can be as transparent or as squishy as you like. A volume knob and a blend knob to bring in or out the original dry signal and a simple 3-way mini toggle to choose the compression intensity without sound colouration come together.

Clip Mode - Classic Compression Low output pick-ups don't hit the threshold, using Komp Core Deluxe on Clip Mode suits single-coil guitars better.

Clean Mode and Normal Mode Output of the humbucker pickups slam the compressor limits too hard, Clean Mode is perfect for smoothing the sound, no nasty spikes on any frequencies. Normal Mode compression level is adjusted between Clip and Clean compression levels, it can be selected for mid-out pickup systems.

Blend Circuit If you need full compression, Komp Core Deluxe can do it. But when the blend knob is set at 12 o'clock, it does its magic to keep the pedal always on and doesn't even squash your sound with compression. It means it's very transparent and blended with the guitar signal. It also works great as a clean boost, though you can use it for that purpose.

Komp Core Deluxe will add an amazing impact to your tone and provide endless sustain. Whether your guitar volume is low or high or wherever you play, Komp Core Deluxe adds an amazing sustain and holds it forever. It sounds like the best part of a song that no one wants to end.

The Tech Features

Brand: Nux

Model: Komp Core Deluxe

Type: Analog Circuit, True Bypass


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Great Compressor

By: on 2 February 2021
Great value for money. It pushes the front end of the amp.

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Thank you for the feedback. We really appreciate it. If you would need any assistance, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Nux Komp Core Deluxe Multi Function Analog Compres

By: on 11 September 2019
Excellent. The tone and sustain of my guitars has been much improved. Beautiful warm analogue tones.

Plenty of control to gain a satisfactory and smoot

By: on 14 December 2017
The NUX COMP CORE DELUXE is a compact answer to all my compression & sustain requirements. It has a very smooth compression and has a huge variety of sounds managed successfully by the multiple control features. I have previously been using a vintage Ibanez compressor with only control over sustain intensity and output levels. It's quite a luxury to be able to control the amount of dry signal blended with the effect as well as being able to control sustain intensity, clip and attack. I have only recently purchased the pedal but I know it has huge potential to deliver all my sound needs as it has almost infinite possibilities through the multiple controls; a great little unit.