Nux FVB2 Vibrato Mini Guitar Effects Pedal

Nux FVB2 Vibrato Mini Guitar Effects Pedal

An Analog Vibrato Mini pedal made for electric guitar or bass guitar. The pedal that can give you a classic 60s Vibrato sound. Do not let the size fool you though as the metal housing on this pedal ensures it is built to withstand.

The Tech Features:

Brand:- Nux

Model:- FVB2

Bypass:- True Bypass

Controls:- Rate, Ramp, Depth

Current Draw:- 90mA

Power Requirement:- 9v DC Centre Negative (Not Included)

***Note:- This pedal does not have a battery compartment***



By: Michael on 26 July 2020
Fantastic little vibrato pedal with a handy function for gradually bringing the effect in or out. Can also turn off the pedal and then hold the switch down for little trills that rise and fall, brilliant all round, and no tone loss or noise like some other cheap vibrato/chorus pedals out there

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