Nux DM1 Portable Digital Electronic Drum Kit

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Nux DM1 Portable Digital Electronic Drum Kit

The DM-1 is the newest innovated electronic drum set engineered by NUX. The brand new structure design makes it one of the tiniest electronic drum sets (both in weight and size) available. It is perfect for those who would want to quietly practice without bothering the neighbours but do not have much space for a full sized conventional drum kit. It is easily foldable due to its design but does not compromise its stability and balance. Being one the tiniest electronic drum kits available, you can easily fold it to go into a corner or cabinet when not in use or into the trunk of your car. Do not let the size fool you though as this can withstand a beating even from drummers with heavy strikes.

Want to record your beats to a PC or Mac? Simply hook up a USB-MIDI cable with no extra hardware needed and youre in business. You can also use the DM1 together with various softwares to access additional features for playing, composing and performing. Another option aside from the USB-MIDI Cable would be to run a 1/4 inch - 1/4 inch cable from the headphone in to the input of an audio interface.

The DM1 features 20 carefully sampled and selected drum sounds after taking in some inputs from professional drummers. The integrated sounds cover various music genres such as rock, blues, jazz, and electronic, etc

Definitely a drumkit suitable both for beginners and long time players alike. It features a coach and recording function to assist you in keeping track of your practice and ensure you improve your technique, step by step. It features a USB output for you to connect the kit to a PC/Mac and works with various softwares for you to play, compose and perform.

The Tech Features:

Brand:- Nux

Model:- DM1

Triggers:- 3 Toms, 1 Snare, 1 Hi-hat, 1 Crash, 1 Ride, 1 Hi-Hat Pedal, 1 Kick Pedal

Drum Kits:- 20

Snare Trigger:- Rim Shot feature

Cymbal Triggers:-

  • Crash  Mute;Bow/Edge
  • Ride  Mute;Bow/Edge

Interface:- TRRS Headphone Output, USB-MIDI, Aux-In, Main Output, SD Card Slot

Backing Track:- 10 with instant drum on/off control

Recording Storage Space:- 10 songs

Metronome:- Metronome with Tap Tempo

Effects:- Drive, Compression and Wet(Reverb) via OneKnob

Coach Functions:-

  • Time Check
  • Change Up
  • Auto Up/Down
  • Quiet Count
  • Tempo Check
  • Stroke Balance

Included Accessories:- Power Supply, 1 pair of Drumsticks

Power Requirement:- 9V DC Negative Tip



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