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Nux B2 Black 2.4GHz Guitar Wireless System

Nux B2 Black 2.4GHz Guitar Wireless System

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About this Nux B2 2.4GHz Guitar Wireless System

Nux B2, is a digital, wireless system designed for maximum compatibility for home or studio rehearsals. Nux B2 passed rigorous testing to achieve the highest signal stability and audio transmission quality hands-down. Its gig-ready!

User-Friendy Freedom

NUX B-2 works like a guitar cable but offers wireless freedom. Setting up the system is simple: choose your channel on the Transmitter & Receiver, and B-2 is ready to go.

Clarity, Unplugged!

The last thing a guitarist needs is signal interference. B-2 delivers 32-bit digital wireless sound quality and 44.1 kHz frequency response, so youll hear your guitar tone in all of its detailed glory. Because B-2 uses the latest digital wireless format, it operates in 2.4 GHz range, far beyond any radio or TV interference, and its more than capable of safely handling your audio signal wirelessly. And with a wide dynamic range of more than 110 dB, youll hear the full frequency range of your guitar or bass. NUX B-2 delivers your instrument signal to your equipment just like a high-quality cable.

Fast-Charging, Long-Lasting Battery

NUX B-2 is always ready to go. The Transmitter & Receiver both use built-in long-life batteries which can run for up to 20 hours (up to 6 hours of continuous playing time per charge). When youre not playing, B-2 enters Sleep Mode to extend battery life up to 20 hours. And when its time to recharge simply connect the USB cable (included w/ package) to the transport-coupled Transmitter/ Receiver.

Guitar Friendly, Smart-Design

NUX B-2 guitar-friendly, Smart-Design Transmitter, means its jack has a swivel adjustment allowing you to duck the unit out of your playing field. Just plug in the 1/4 transmitter, and pair with the Receiver. The B-2 Transmitter works with all guitar types. It was designed to be compatible with the most popular guitars. You can configure the transmitter plug in two ways: facing downward to fit into recessed top mounted inputs like Stratocasters or facing other directions required for non-recessed inputs like the classic Les Paul style.


The Tech Features:

Brand:- Nux

Model:- B2

Colour:- Black

Range:- 15m (up to 50 ft.) range / up to 30m in open air

Delay Time:- <5ms

Audio Quality:- 44.1 KHz ; 32-bit

Signal Frequency:- 2.4GHz

Channels:- 6 compatible (Legal for us in Australia and New Zealand)

Play Time:- Up to 20 hours battery life with Auto Sleep Energy Saver Mode


Nux B2 Guitar Wireless System

By: GLENN DAY on 9 September 2020
A great product. Makes life so much easier not tripping over leads all the time. Gonna get another one.


By: ALan Kelly on 20 February 2020
All working and a great back up service

Excellant product, great service from Artist Guita

By: Wayne Casey on 20 February 2020
Simple to set up, works really well.

Brilliant piece of equipment.

By: Nikki Burke on 19 February 2020
No more tripping over cords and leads. No more having to strap leads down with Gaffa tape. This is the best thing since sliced bread!! We have tried the cheap version and 3 sets have broken in minutes. This is worth every penny and more because it works and is reliable and has a warranty. .....and the follow up is terrific.., Highly recommend.

good product

By: ken on 5 December 2019
after nearly having a fall in a confined stage i bought these nux system. i should have got them years ago. and i think the sound is cleaner. good service too

Best value wireless system

By: James on 23 August 2019
The NU-X B-2 is working faultlessly. It has a quality feel and presentation, is well designed making it extremely simple to use, and has no noticeable audio quality loss or latency (even when waking from sleep mode). I haven't tested the outer limits of its range because I don't need more than the 15-30 metres it offers. Note it appears to be for passive pickups (most electric guitars) only. Like similar devices in this category, the battery life may become an issue at a 5+ hour gig of continuous playing, but otherwise for everything else it has set me free of a cable for a great price.

Awesome little device..!

By: Mick on 28 February 2019
I hadn't owned a wireless system for approximately 20 yrs until I came across this little gem. I went & did plenty of research & watched as many youtube reviews as I could. I snapped it up with a bunch of other goodies. Packaging is very pro looking, although the box lid is VERY VERY tight- took some time to get it open. Minor nitpicking really...because it's not the box which matters, it's what's inside...! The unit is very compact & can fit any input jack. Battery life is excellent & the fact you can charge both units at the same time with the dual head USB cable, is great. I've seen some reviews that claim the unit colors the sound of the guitar signal, but that's not true. Our ears are so used to hearing our guitar signal coming through a cable (which attenuates high frequencies) what we are actually hearing with the B2, is a pristine signal, it's not coloured at all. A solid little unit. Highly recommended. Oh...& delivery from Artist Guitars is always the best....& I've bought gear from all the major music stores around the country...

Nux B2 Wireless System

By: Gary Walter on 21 December 2018
I’ve never had a wireless guitar system before and after a bit of ‘Google research’ I’m glad i picked the Nux B2. The Nux is so easy to use and fits all of my guitars. I can even be upstairs with my amp downstairs and it still works with no interference. Highly recommended and the service from Artist Guitars was fantastic.

Excellent gear

By: Alan on 20 July 2018
This is the second Nux B-2 I've bought from AG — the first one was white, this one black. (The colour, of course, has no significance, except that it does help to quickly identify the pairing of transmitter and receiver.) I wrote a long review on the AG site for the white one, so I won't repeat that here. Suffice to say that this second one maintains the standard of rock-solid performance. I use the two systems for two different instruments I switch between — obviously they need to be on different channels but, as there are four you can pick from, that's no problem. Probably my only (very minor) criticism is that I wish the B-2 would "remember" its channel selection between uses — every time you power it on, it defaults to channel 1, which means of course that YOU must remember to re-select 2, 3, or 4 on both transmitter and receiver if you're using multiple B-2's. Maybe an improvement for the next model? But that's just nitpicking — overall, the B-2 is an excellent wireless system at a reasonable price.

Amazing quality

By: Rory Leonrad McIntosh on 12 April 2018
Amazing wireless for the price, very compact

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