Nux B2 White 2.4GHz Guitar Wireless System

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About this Nux B2 2.4GHz Guitar Wireless System

Nux B2, is a digital, wireless system designed for maximum compatibility for home or studio rehearsals. Nux B2 passed rigorous testing to achieve the highest signal stability and audio transmission quality hands-down. It’s gig-ready!

User-Friendy Freedom

NUX B-2 works like a guitar cable but offers wireless freedom. Setting up the system is simple: choose your channel on the Transmitter & Receiver, and B-2 is ready to go.

Clarity, Unplugged!

The last thing a guitarist needs is signal interference. B-2 delivers 32-bit digital wireless sound quality and 44.1 kHz frequency response, so you’ll hear your guitar tone in all of its detailed glory. Because B-2 uses the latest digital wireless format, it operates in 2.4 GHz range, far beyond any radio or TV interference, and it’s more than capable of safely handling your audio signal wirelessly. And with a wide dynamic range of more than 110 dB, you’ll hear the full frequency range of your guitar or bass. NUX B-2 delivers your instrument signal to your equipment just like a high-quality cable.

Fast-Charging, Long-Lasting Battery

NUX B-2 is always ready to go. The Transmitter & Receiver both use built-in long-life batteries which can run for up to 20 hours (up to 6 hours of continuous playing time per charge). When you’re not playing, B-2 enters Sleep Mode to extend battery life up to 20 hours. And when it’s time to recharge simply connect the USB cable (included w/ package) to the transport-coupled Transmitter/ Receiver.

Guitar Friendly, Smart-Design

NUX B-2 guitar-friendly, Smart-Design Transmitter, means its jack has a swivel adjustment allowing you to duck the unit out of your playing field. Just plug in the 1/4” transmitter, and pair with the Receiver. The B-2 Transmitter works with all guitar types. It was designed to be compatible with the most popular guitars. You can configure the transmitter plug in two ways: facing downward to fit into recessed top mounted inputs like Stratocasters or facing other directions required for non-recessed inputs like the classic Les Paul style.


The Tech Features:

Brand:- Nux

Model:- B2

Colour:- White

Range:- 15m (up to 50 ft.) range / up to 30m in open air

Delay Time:- <5ms

Audio Quality:- 44.1 KHz ; 32-bit

Signal Frequency:- 2.4GHz

Channels:- 6 compatible (Legal for us in Australia and New Zealand)

Play Time:- Up to 20 hours battery life with Auto Sleep Energy Saver Mode


Chords with No Cords

By: on 2 May 2018
My cordless guitar is sick, I take it everywhere with me now, I take it to the kitchen when I need a beer but still want to shred mad solos.. with this product it can be done. Word of warning, people are jealous of my cordless axe so expect the same. 4 stars because im saving 5 stars for the next evolution of this product.

Great Product

By: on 3 January 2018
This product has changed my life. Instead of having a guitar lead tangled around me, I can NOW walk around anywhere with NO problem. Thank You NUX

Decent device

By: on 15 December 2017
It's a pretty much a wifi transmitter which works very well even in a building with around 20 networks. The only artefacts happen when I stay in less than 2 meters proximity to 2 wifi routers. But this isn't a probem as I can always switch channels. Works everywhere in my apartment - will be fine on stage or a rehearsal space. Connects to the guitar firmly. Slightly rotates in the jack port (Gibson LP shape guitar) - but I don't see how it can be a problem. Like it so far.

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