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NuX PLS4 Four-channel Line Switcher

NuX PLS4 Four-channel Line Switcher

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NuX PLS4 Four-channel Line Switcher

The Nux PLS-4 is a four-channel Line Switcher. You can use an extensional footswitch pedal to select one of the four channels. For example, plug the guitar to the INPUT, send the sound to 4 different amplifiers, and select one of the amplifiers. Or, input 4 audio devices to PLS-4 and select one of them to output.

The Remote requires a stereo (TRS) latching pedal.

The Tech Features

Model: PLS-4

  • Four Channels Line Switcher
  • 1 into 4 outs or 4 into 1 out
  • Remote Function (pedal not supplied)
  • True Bypass Design
  • Hum Free Design
  • Mute Function
  • Powered Requirement: 9V @ 50ma Center Negative (power supply not included. Purchase one our many supplies available if you need)


Good solid piece of gear

By: on 3 August 2016
As the name says, this is a four-line channel switcher, and it’s built like a tank — I doubt you’ll break this, even if you kick it around the stage. The concept, of course, is simple — one instrument in, switched out to one of four destinations, (OR) four instruments in, switched to the one destination. I suspect that those wanting the former will be few and far between (not sure how many musos run four amps for their guitar!), but non-pro people like me do have a use for the latter. In my case, at various times, I may be playing guitar, bass, electric mando, or baritone uke (in some gigs, a combination of some of those), so the ability to switch between each of those four on my one (large!) pedalboard is essential ….. A few basics about the box, in case you’re interested: First, you need to clearly understand that, by itself, the box effectively does nothing. Although the blurb says you “can” use a footswitch to channel-switch, that perhaps should read “MUST”, because there’s simply no way of switching channels on the box itself. (Those four white panels you see on the side, marked “OUT1/OUT2/OUT3/OUT4” are just for show, and they’re NOT buttons you can push.) So, you need a LATCHING stereo (TRS) pedal; I already owned a couple of control pedals, but one was mono, and the other (stereo) one was non-latching, so I asked Artist Guitars’ guidance on a suitable unit. (AG don’t currently sell a TRS pedal.) Allan at AG was very helpful in steering me to an inexpensive solution at another site, and it does the job ….. Power requirements are fairly minimal — standard 9V pedalboard supply works fine, and just 50mA. (You can even daisy-chain power from the unit, as it also has an “Out” socket.) In addition to the four channel jacks and the In/Out jack, there’s also the remote socket for that TRS pedal, and a Mute socket (which actually requires a MONO latching pedal if you need to use it — I’m not bothering) ….. I give this box 4 out of 5 stars. While it does the job well, and is robustly built, I’ve deducted one star because of the non-intuitive method of displaying which channel is selected. Logic would suggest that it would have been smart to simply have a light against each of those OUT1/OUT2/OUT3/OUT4 panels, but no, Nux decided to do it using what I’d call a set of two “binary” red lights, A and B. If both are off, then channel 1 is active; if B is lit, channel 2 is active; if A is lit, channel 3 is active; if both are lit, channel 4 is active. (Of course, only one of the four channels can be selected at any one time.) Given that you have to do a bit of a tap dance on the average TRS pedal to select your required channel anyway (mine has only two footswitches), then you do need to get used to quickly identifying, via those two red lights, which channel you’ve picked. Okay, so it’s not a big issue, but it just seems a somewhat dumb design decision on an otherwise nice piece of gear ….. That being said, I recommend the Nux PLS-4 as a solid cost-effective solution for anyone needing to switch between multiple instruments or amps.

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