NuX MG20 Guitar Modeling Processor Multi FX Pedal Board

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About this NUX MG20 Guitar Modeling Multi FX Pedal

MG20 is the floor guitar processor with the lot!

It has a 32bit float point DSP for better sound and True Simulation of Analog Circuits (TSAC) technology to give great modeling with your choice of 60 amplifier models. It has built in looping (up to a massive 60 seconds) , a sample-based drum machine and MP3/WAV player, sophisticated user interface and big colorful LCD display. MG20 is the pro solution for guitarist who wants great tone and function.

The multi-purpose control pedal allows you to switch effects on and off, boost volume for a solo, TAP the delay time and modulation speed, or play/stop your backing track (MP3)!

With an extensional pedal and the built-in Expression pedal, you are going to have superb control on stage! Lots of possibilities!

With the USB port, you are able to update the system and edit tone on your computer! These include their own power supply.

The Tech Features

Brand: NUX

Model:- MG20

  • Large 2.4 inch color TFT LCD
  • DRUM Machine and Phrase Looper (up to 60 seconds)
  • Built-in Tuner
  • New CTRL Footswitch
  • Built-in MP3/WAV Player
  • Simple and Intuitive User Interface
  • Total of 60 Effect Models
  • 36 User Presets + 36 Factory Presets
  • Scene Selecting to Match the Equipment
  • 32bit Floating Point DSP Processing
  • Drum Machine and Phrase Looper
  • USB Port for Updating Software and tone editing.
  • Power Supply Transformer
  • SD Card up to 32GB  (approx 3,200 songs)
  • Backing Tracks are access in MP3 mode.


great unit

By: Mark Skeen on 19 May 2020
I've been chasing a particular sound I've had in my head I tried boss gt-1, gt-001 a line 6 AMPLIFi desktop unit after many many tries to find what I was looking for I came across a video of this unit figured might as well try one and wow straight out of the box it was on the money, to say I was shocked was an understatement, super easy to tweak and easy to get your head around inbuilt drum machine mp3 player they really did think about how and what you want in an effects unit I Luv the thing I purchased a few things from Artist and as usual there great to buy from super quick postage, great prices I was so happy with my NuX MG20 I purchased an Artist 59 tele I can't recommend these guys enough they won't blow smoke up your back passage unlike some in the industry give them ago and while you're at it grab a NuX MG20 you won't regret it

Great Nu-x MG20 Pedal & Sound Processor

By: Trevor Utz on 4 October 2019
This is a very versatile piece of kit. It does just about everything & is very easy to use .It has helped me immensely in my quest for the sounds that are just right.

Filled My Needs

By: Andrew Coe on 12 October 2018
This is just the product I needed filling of MY needs. A looper, a drum backing, MP3 backing and tuner all in the one unit. Not to mention it has some fantastic effects in just the preset before you start programming your own. I admit to not being a professional guitarist but I am sure it will delight a lot of musicians.

Awesome pedal, functionality number 1

By: Scott Stewart on 22 June 2018
Wow!!!!!! What an amazing pedal. Definitely worth more than what they are being sold for. User friendly, amazing sound, perfect for every guitarist from beginner to pro. I can not get over how easy it is to use and how awesome the effects are. The drum tracks are amazing and great to play along with. Being able to loop and record is remarkable. Thanks artist guitars for bringing this amazing product to us. You guys are number 1

Great value!

By: Paul Vainickis on 19 December 2017
This pedal board is great straight out of the box. Had a quick scan of the booklet that came with it, removed the plastic wrapping, plugged on leads, power and my guitar and that was it. The dialling up a good guitar sound is effortless and the ease of tweaking the sound is child's play. Having limited time getting to know it intimately has been the only hurdle but the time I have played with it, is enough to say this unit is great for the price and great for what it is, a straightforward. no fuss multiFX pedal board.

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