Medeli A100 Electronic Keyboard - 61 Key Touch Sensitive

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Medeli A100 Electronic Keyboard - 61 Key Touch Sensitive

Entry level keyboard with rich and dynamic sound! The A100 features a library of over 508 voices, 180 styles and 120 songs. All you have to do is to select a favorite one and play along.

You can record and save your performance in the unit and share it with friends. With the USB connection, you are able to connect it to a PC or laptop and use as a USB controller for any DAW or music software.

With a professionally tuned stereo system, A100 produces an impressively big sound. From the beautiful and dynamic sound to the high-quality feel and touch, A100 provides almost everything an aspiring keyboardist will ever ask for.

This Keyboard is packed full of features to spur your creativity and help you progress you learning, including:

  • 508 voices
  • Metronome
  • Sequencer (Record/Playback)
  • Modulation
  • Pitch Bend
  • Transpose
  • USB (Midi) connection to a PC or laptop


Rear Panel:

  • USB - Connect to a computer
  • Output (Stereo) - Play through a Home Hi-fi system, PA system or Headphones.
  • Sustain pedal - Connect a sustain pedal (not included)
  • Power in - 12V DC Power supply included.


Download the user manual here


The Tech Features:

Model:- A100

Brand:- Medeli

Keyboard:- 61-key (touch response)

Display:  Backlit LCD

Polyphony:  128 (max)

Voices:  508

Split Keyboard:-  Yes - You can assign a different sound to each half of the keyboard.

Styles:  180

O.T.S. :  (One Touch Setting) YES

Sequencer:  5 user songs (melody + accomp.)

Demo Song:  5

Music Library: 120 preset songs; Music Tutorial System

Dimensions (L x W x H):   97 x 37 x 14 cm

Weight:  6 kgs


Great product and service

By: on 27 February 2019
Great value for money keyboard. The touch sensitive keys are great for learning. Brilliant customer service and fast postage. Highly recommended.

Medeli A100

By: on 27 November 2018
The Medeli A100 is a fine entry level USB General MIDI keyboard. Although I initially had an issue with installing the keyboard on my Windows XP computer (which has since been rectified with the assistance from both Artist Guitars and Medeli tech support), this turned out to be a missing USB MIDI driver on my part and nothing to do with the keyboard itself. If by any chance you do happen to have issues with your computer detecting the A100 via USB, chances are that Medeli tech support will be able to assist you. Though, I can safely assume that the issue I had was a random one-off occurrence due to running an older operating system with missing drivers. After testing the A100 on a MacBook running GarageBand as well as a few other windows laptops, I can confidently attest that you should have no troubles with the USB side of things overall. Now.. Back to the keyboard itself. Compared to my previous keyboard I was originally using as a MIDI controller (Casio LK-110), the touch sensitivity on the A-100 makes this keyboard really nice to play. The expressiveness of the velocity sensitivity is quite realistic for a keyboard of this level. Even though this is “just” a General MIDI keyboard, the in-built sounds on this instrument far surpasses any entry-level Casio keyboard I’ve ever played. In fact, as one who has also used higher end GM devices such as the Yamaha Qy-70, and the Roland SoundCanvas SC-88, the Medeli A100 onboard GM sounds are (in my opinion) comparable to The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time videogame soundtrack. In other words, for those who like to compose orchestral music using General MIDI sounds, the A100 is the ideal starting point for any MIDI orchestral mock-up. I am very impressed with this keyboard and imagine that this will be a long term staple instrument in my studio for many years to come.


By: on 30 June 2018
My first keyboard to hopefully learn more music theory. For a beginner I would say this fills many needs. The stand & headphones are a nice inclusion & make this an even better value purchase. MIDI capability with decent sound [listen to the demo vid], that will do me to start with! **Gerry, Wollongong**

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