Joyo JF16 Guitar Effects Pedal - British Sound Amp Simulator

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Joyo JF16 Guitar Effects Pedal - British Sound Amp Simulator

The Joyo British Sound Amp simulator pedal will deliver tones inspired by Marshal amps -- everything from Bluesbreaker to Plexi Roar!  You're sure to find the right tone with the amount of adjustable parameters onboard - Low, Mid, Highs, Level, Drive & Voice.

This has a normal bypass method (its not true bypass). The super tough aluminium alloy casing will last for years.

The Tech Features

Model :- JF16

Dimensions :- 11.8(L) x 3.8(W) x 8.7(H)cm 


Boy Oh Boy

By: Rodney on 6 July 2018
I have been using a multi effects unit for many years. Decided that I wanted to try the British Amp Simulator, American Amp Simulator, and the Ultimate Drive Distortion all from JOYO...I'm blown away. Now I know what I have been missing. If you are thinking about these pedals STOP and BUY BUY BUY, you will not be disappointed. And to top it off they all arrived the day after I purchased them. Brilliant job Artist Guitars :)


By: Brad on 11 October 2017
Firstly I ordered this in the evening and it was delivered the very next day! Great service. The pedal itself sounds just like a Marshal amp. I'm running this through a Focusrite audio interface into Logic Pro. My speakers are a pair of 4" KRK Rokits. I can pretty much get any Marshal sound I like out of this pedal, it is simply quite amazing. I also use a Joyo Vintage Overdrive in front to give it a little more gain. If you have a similar set up to mine you can't go wrong. It sounds better than any modelling amp I've played and there is pretty much no latency as the CPU is freed up.

Joyo British Sound Amp Simulator

By: Scott on 14 September 2017
This is an excellent product. Probably the best drive pedal I have used.

Best pedals I have bought

By: Michael H on 28 July 2017
Hi I have already done a review of the Joyo Ultimate drive pedal which I found to be a remarkable pedal. Yesterday I put the Joyo British pedal then the ultimate drive the put them into my Blackstar HT-5R tube combo guitar amp and what a sound from strong sparkling Gilmore tones through to British Plexi (aka Angus Young) tones. I was totally blown away by the sounds I can get out of these two pedals both brought from Artist Guitars of course. Don't think that just because this gear is cheap it is cheap in quality, I find the quality to be up there with pedals that are 6-8 times the price of one Joyo pedal. Grab one of these now whilst you can. Great service too. I have a near new Boss ME-80 effects board that cost me about $500 and I am getting better tones from these two pedals. All I need now is a decent delay pedal, Thanks Artist Guitars Michael H

Great Marshall sounds!

By: Ross on 18 December 2016
If you like rock and or metal this pedal is perfect. The clean sound is shiny and glassy with lots of tight low end and singing mids and highs. Then crank the drive and your in rock town. ACDC sounds are easy to get and so are more grittier metal sounds. Perfect for recording (as are the American and California pedals I own also). And goes great into a loud stereo of a PA system. beats lugging an amp around too. It takes to other pedals really well. Gain and wah pedals before it in the chain, and chorus after it works awesome! I do kinda wish it wasn't pink.. but it goes well next to a purple and blue pedal I own, and least it is obvious what it is if you have 12 other pedals like me.

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