Joyo JF15 Guitar Effects Pedal - California Sound Amp Simulator

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youtube video

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About this Pedal

Feel the sound of the Mesa Boogie MKII amplifier with the Joyo California Sound pedal.  You can expect to get lots of natural and focused rock tones. You're sure to find the right tone with the amount of adjustable parameters onboard - Low, Mid, Highs, Level, Drive & Voice.

This has a normal bypass method (its not true bypass). The super tough aluminium alloy casing will last for years.

30 Day Money Back Guarantee, 12 Month Warranty & Free Freight


The Tech Features

Model :- JF15

Dimensions :- 11.8(L) x 3.8(W) x 8.7(H)cm 


Joyo JF15 Effects pedal- california sound amp simu

By: Walter Bull on 13 December 2017
Very good effects pedal which I used on the weekend

A good starting point for a great rock sound.

By: Michael on 31 January 2016
When I bought the Joyo California amp simulator pedal, I was sceptical yet curious as I had never used anything from Joyo before. It all boils down to what it is you're going for, but if you're wanting ultra high gain trebly distortion sounds you hear on a lot of modern rock and metal albums, think of the California as a guitar amp which would then require a seperate distortion pedal to achieve this. Some may find the low-end on this pedal to a bit muddy. If you like pedals like The Big Muff, you might find the bass controls to be up your alley. However, I find the sound is more controlled when the bass is pulled back to 9-10 o'clock. All in all, where the California Mesa simulator shines on its own is that crunchy half-gain sound which gets fuller and more refined as you layer your guitar parts in a recording scenario. This makes for a great tool for direct injection in the studio if you like to simply collect pedals and fx for the sake of having a particular sound when needed. In my opinion, the half gain setting is the true "sweet spot" of this particular pedal. To me, when used properly, this pedal has a rock sound reminicent to a lot of Foo Fighters records. I look forward to collecting more from the Joyo range.

Great for rock and metal!

By: Ross on 29 December 2015
Great for recording and playing directly into the computer, after buying the American I was so impressed I had to buy one of these. I am equally impressed. Great for making driven sounds be it fuzz overdrive or distortion. It is a little more difficult to dial in the sound you want then the American version but you can get to chuggity land so well with this. It loves the hard end of the rock sound and makes the scooped tone that just makes you go "oh yeah that's heavy". It does have a nice clean tone aswell but if cleaner sounds are what you want just get the American version. In short love it. Between this and the American version I just want to buy a mixer and PA setup rather than a loud amp now!

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