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Gruv Gear Black Small Fret Wrap - 3-Pack

Now there's no more need to borrow your girlfriend's scrunchie or hair tie. Fretwraps are adjustable straps that allow you to you fine-tune the pressure and dampening of the strings effectively cutting the overtones and sympathetic resonance during recording, live performance, two-hand tapping, or any other situation where an extra muting hand is needed for taking out unwanted string noise or ringing.

When you need to change strings, it comes off in a cinch. This smart accessory is for any studio, session player or tapping aficionado. Comes in a 3 pack so you always have one at the ready.

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Brand: Gruv Gear

Colour: Black

Size: Small size: fits 4-string basses, 6-string electric guitars, 6-string acoustic guitars, and ukuleles

Quantity: 3


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Tight riffs, reduce feedback. Much good, many happ

By: on 23 August 2020
Small size recommended for 6 string electrics. Fits and works great on the following: LTD EC1000, MH-400, Solar A1.6, Washburn 333, Schecter Hellraiser Hybrid. (similar neck profiles, thin) Also tested and fits 7 string LTD MH-407B. The medium would be better suited, however it just squeezes on. I use fret wraps for extra palm muting type dampening to keep riffs sounding tight; for tapping solos and other parts where you may accidentally strike any unwanted notes, this provides sufficient dampening. Where they don't work; natural harmonics and or open string dive bomb technique with trems or pedals. The problem is that these fret wraps are doing what they are designed to do, although they fit guitars with trems, I wont use them on those guitars as I lose the sustain in those notes and play style. I love these, would definitely recommend these for almost anyone wanting to tighten up their playing. Feel free to check out my fret wraps in action on instagram @2sticks.n.6strings