Flanger FLG-004 Super Silent 10ft (3m) Right Angle Guitar Cable

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About this Flanger FLG-004 Super Silent 10ft (3m) Guitar Cable/Lead - 1 Right Angle

Do you want a quality guitar cable that offers No Noise and No Buzz when you connect your guitar to your amplifier?  Then the Flanger FLG-004 is the perfect solution for you!

The Reed switch is discretely sealed inside the sleeve of the cable, meaning the plug circuit is broken before the plug is completely inserted into the socket.  This means there will be no ear-piercing noise when inserted into the amplifier or the guitar.


The Tech Features

Brand: Flanger

Model: FLG-004

Length: 10ft (3m)

Colour: Black


55x0.10 Conductors
PE insulation
Conductive PVC
128x0.10 Braided Shield
Aluminium foil Shield
PVC jacket O.D.: 6.0mm


Flanger FLG-004 Super Silent 10ft (3m) Right Angle

By: David Kwok on 6 July 2018
Very reliable and heavy duty, great value product.
By: sales@artistguitars.com.au

Works for most guitars

By: Alan on 14 November 2017
I'm giving this cable 4 stars rather than 5 because it works for MOST (but not all) my instruments, so I'm assuming that it may have a problem with certain unusual wiring / input jack set-ups. It certainly is noiseless if you handle the end of the cable with the other end already in the amp — unlike ordinary leads, you'll not hear a sound! (Which, in itself, is pretty magical.) However, when you then plug it into the guitar, it seems that what happens depends on what sort of instrument you've got. For most, it's completely noiseless as advertised. For a few, it makes the same sort of "pop" that you get with an ordinary cable. I'm not sure what the common factor is, but I've had NO problems with: a solid body (Strat-type) guitar, an Artist LP59, Kala U-Bass, 5-string basses (two of those), 12-string guitar, Fender MandoStrat, and baritone uke. On the other hand, I DO get a "pop" sound out of my 4-string Artist bass and my Ovation semi-acoustic. Go figure! So, not perfect, but, based on my testing, will probably work for most instruments. (Anyway, AG would return/refund without question if it didn't work for you, so there's really no risk.) Me, I'm keeping mine — I just need to remember those few instruments it "pops" with!
By: sales@artistguitars.com.au

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