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About this Ernie Ball E9187 Pick Buddy Adhesive Free Pick Holder

An adhesive-free compact thermoplastic holder that keeps your pick close at hand. Great for musicians who combine various finger-style plectrum techniques on bass or guitar. Using our innovative self-adhesive suction technology simply press Pick Buddy onto your pickguard or nearly any surface of your guitar for instant access to your pick. Never lose your pick again!

The Tech Features

Brand: Ernie Ball

Model: E9187

Colour: Black


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Stick-on pick holders are better.

By: on 26 May 2020
Tried using this on my EBMM St. Vincent model and it doesn't hold on very well on the guitar's body or pickguard. I would rather recommend a stick on holder. On the other hand, shipping was fast and great (as the item arrived in perfect condition). And the customer service was excellent. Would not recommend the product (1/5 stars), but I would rather recommend the service (5/5 stars). #HonestCustomerReviews

Handy little accessory

By: on 25 January 2020
I've bought a total of five of these for various guitars/basses — it's very handy to have a spare ready to hand when I need to swap pick gauges, or for that dreaded moment when my sweaty hands accidentally drop a pick mid-song, which is no time to be fishing round in your pocket! They're small and unobtrusive, and I leave mine permanently attached. (Although, being suction caps, you do need to re-stick every week or so.) Why have I given it only four stars instead of five? Well, just be aware that the Pick Buddy doesn't stick to EVERY surface — as AG says, you need a flat area like a pickguard, or at least a nice smooth guitar top. I own a couple of basses that have a slightly-distressed wood finish. and the Pick Buddy just won't adhere to those for more than a few minutes. That's just the nature of suction caps! ..... Anyway, very useful for most guitars.

Perfect Solution

By: on 13 March 2019
I find I’ve always got a pick in my mouth. Switching from using the pick, to finger picking, and back again, where else do you store the pick when not required? In these little suckers ;-) I have one on each of my electrics and now my mouth is pick free and available for regular duties. Plus I don’t lose the pick so often. Get one. Or more. They’re great.

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