Artist TXC10 Solid Mahogany Classical Guitar with Case

Artist TXC10 Solid Mahogany Classical Guitar & Hard Case

This is the newest classical guitar to come into our wide range of classical guitars. This solid wood classical guitar is in a class of its own. Boasting a Solid Cedar Top, Solid Mahogany back and sides. Cedar and mahogany is a great combination that ensures superbly warm tone. It only gets better as the TXC10 has a rosewood fretboard and bone nut and saddle which ensures that the guitar has a lovely resonance and sustain.

The Tech Features:

Brand: Artist

Model: TXC10


Top:  Solid Cedar 

Back and Sides: Solid Mahogany

Fretboard: Rosewood

Neck: 25.5 inch Scale Length

Nut:  Bone

Nut width: 52mm

Saddle: Bone

Truss Rod

Machine Heads: High-Quality Classical Guitar Machine Heads with Black Buttons

Binding: Multiple Bound with a final layer of Walnut binding

Strings:- Normal Tension (Savarez 520R)

Included Accessory: Artist CC300 Full Sized Classical Guitar Hard Case


Great sound, versatile and fun for finger picking

By: Steven on 30 May 2020
Disclaimer: I am *not* a classical guitarist. I'm an experienced and reasonably skilled amateur, best suit is a decent blues finger picking technique. I have a variety of guitars but this is my only classical. Played some like this in Brazil where they are the mainstay of bossa nova and traditional styles. So this is just my personal take on this guitar as a knockabout player. This is a very simple guitar: no electronics, no strap knobs, no pick guard, no fret board markings. It has the usual wide classical neck (about 52mm at the nut), and joins at 12th fret. Feels very solid but quite light and well balanced, and I find the wider neck comfortable enough. Easy action rising from 2mm at the nut to 4mm at the 12th. Well crafted and finished, and arrived fully set up with perfect intonation. I've had this a couple of years now and never had to do anything but play, and a wipe down after to keep it gorgeous. Looks fantastic IMHO, and the sheer simplicity and purity gives a lot of character. Sounds great to me too, but I can only describe subjectively. The tone is very warm and clear, with good volume even when I just tickle the strings though nice snappy tone when I dig in a bit too. I'm used to picking fairly hard on steel strings for delta blues and the like, and I find on this one I'm using more dynamic range because it responds well to how hard or soft I play. Really good sustain which surprised me a bit; maybe that's due to the solid wood and the bone fixtures. I like to write, and some of my favourite pieces sound better than ever on this guitar, especially the more lyrical ones; but it keeps surprising me with how well my stuff translates to nylon. I find I can play pretty much anything except extreme string bends of course, and thumb wrapping ninths (that wide neck...). Have not tried slide :D or messing with other tunings, but maybe some time. I'm very pleased with this guitar - spent 2-3 hours on it today, great fun, and why I finally decided to share my impressions. It's a fair amount to invest but if you're like me and want something different to pick up, you won't go wrong with this beauty.

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