Artist TN100 Chromatic Clip on Guitar Tuner

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Artist TN100 Chromatic Clip on Guitar Tuner

This is an amazing little tuner for the price. We have tested this out against most other brands on the market and we can't find a tuner that beats its performance under $100.  

Some of the factors that make this tuner exceptional are:

  • The large solid read out
  • Stable precise tuning
  • The ability to track really well on low notes (tunes bass guitars really well)
  • Will tune any guitar or bass and just about any instrument (It just needs somewhere it can clip on)
  • It's Chromatic so you can tune to any note you like (including open tunings and de-tuning)

This is our most recommended tuner - well worth the money.

This tuner is able to tune just about any instrument, guitars, basses, violins, Ukulele's and many more (if you're not sure just ask us)


The Tech Features

Model :- TN100

Style :- Clip on Chromatic Tuner

Battery :- CR2032 (included)

Colour :- Black



Artist TN100 Guitar tuner

By: on 19 January 2019
I have never tuned a guitar before, in fact never played one, but I intend to learn, so the first thing was to tune it, and with this little device made my job so much easier, it worked perfectly, it’s neat and compact, it just clip onto the end of my guitar! I can highly recommend the Artist TN100 Guitar Tuner

TN100 Chromatic Clip on Guitar Tuner

By: on 18 January 2019
Great little device very user friendly and great price. Delivery was spot on !

Easy to use

By: on 21 December 2018
It's easy to use and read. The display is clear and bright and my 10 y/o has no trouble with it.

TN100 Chromatic Clip-on Tuner

By: on 5 October 2018
excellent value for money, does what it's supposed to do very well.

Tune up

By: on 25 August 2018
Great chromatic tuner. Quick and accurate response. The LED is clear and very easy to read. I've used a number of different guitar tuners but this one is, by far, the best.

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