Artist STDIY Do it Yourself Guitar Kit

About this Artist STDIY Do it Yourself Guitar Kit

Get behind the invention of a famous guitar and build your very OWN version with this ready-to-go kit. The bodies and necks are unfinished and don't have any basecoat which allows you to spray the body whatever paint type and colour you choose. You might also like to reshape the headstock but always remember that reshaping requires effort time and consideration.

The kit includes a  ready-to-spray unbound bolt-on-neck, an unfinished body, three single-coil ceramic pickups loaded on to a white scratchplate, three pots, white coloured knobs, chrome-plated tremolo bridge, strings.

These kits are full size.

The Tech Features

Brand:- Artist

Model:- ST KIT


  • 1x Solid African Alder Body
  • 1x Maple Neck with Eco-Rosewood Fretboard, 
  • High-End Eco-Rosewood Fretboard with 1.1mm 2.6 White Copper Fretiwires
  • Scale Length:-  648mm
  • Nut Width:-  42mm ABS Plastic

Pickups:- 3 x Ceramic, Single Coil Pickups that are preloaded onto the scratchplate (all screws supplied)

Neckplate:- Stainless Steel (screws supplied)

Bridge:- Stainless Steel 

Saddles:- individual stainless steel

Tremolo Block:- 5 spring, 2 bolt claw

Strings:- ELST1046



DYI kit guitar

By: Noel O'Connor on 13 May 2020
Happy with product easy to read booklet fast service ...

Unreal value & great introduction to guitar assemb

By: Cameron on 1 May 2020
Hey Artist Guitars - just letting you know I received this DIY Strat today and assembled it in around an hour - no experience at all... Firstly a couple of issues - trying to fit the jack socket plate i must have forced too hard and the red wire came away - quick trip to Bunnings to buy a solder iron & solder and try my hand at soldering fixed that minor problem - second issue was the jack plate has to be re-adjusted to allow a guitar lead to fit - once that was done - Honky Dory all good! Great sounding strat - great great investment @ $129. I'm going to buy another so that my son can dress it in the colour he wants and learn how to assemble and play his own guitar! Possibilities are endless - eyeing off the $199 LP next for me. Keep up the great work guys! CJ

Great kit guitar

By: Neil Beauchamp on 16 April 2020
I decided to undertake this kit guitar project while in CV19 lockdown. I was pleasantly surprised when the kit arrived because of the careful way it had been packaged. A significant quality level above other kits from other suppliers. I took my time working on the finish. There was virtually no sanding required on the body or the neck. Even the frets were well dressed and no sharp fret ends. I used a quality timber finishing oil on both neck and body to bring out the grain pattern. I left the neck oiled and applied my own decal on the headstock before applying a water based polyester clear to the face of the headstock and to the body. I applied more shielding to the pickup cavities and pickguard to ensure that RF interference was minimised. Before fitting the pick guard I needed to do a little work on the wiring as the pickup wiring was too long and needed to be neatened and shortened, an easy job for those who know how to solder. I also checked the impedance of the pickups and found then to have the low impedance of vintage single coils so I anticipated nice clear tones from them. Assembly was easy and the setup needed adjustment of the neck relief after the strings were fitted. An intonation adjustment, pickup height adjustment and string height adjustment and it was done. Plugged in to my Fender Deluxe Reverb this guitar sounds very nice. The clarity of the pickups has not disappointed. In all I am very pleased with the outcome of a very useable and gigable instrument. My only suggestion that would improve this kit would be the fitment of slightly taller frets because the small frets leave no room for future fret dressing as the frets wear from regular playing.

DIY guitars for grand kids

By: john christian on 17 February 2020
I have made 6 of these Guitar,s They are affordable well made, not many things you can buy that will exceed your expectations, " BUT THESE DO" great timber and when set up sound great, Makes the time you spent worthwhile, when you see their faces of our Grand children, when you give them something you have stained etc and all have a great guitar that has different wood grain an stains, Made real personal with a brass plaque on them with" their name" on it 3 more to do, then they all will have some thing that's not made of plastic, they can play for years of enjoyment or pass on to their children Regards John

Great for the price

By: Zal on 3 October 2019
I bought this as I wanted a guitar that I wasn't afraid to mess around with: adjusting the truss rod, fret work, etc. I was going to leave the guitar in it's natural finish, but ended up staining and applying a very basic coat of poly spray and ended up having a lot of fun in the build process as a result. Everything went together fairly easily (my recommendation is to lay out all the screws before hand to establish which go where, as it's not extremely clear, but it's logical once you look at what needs to be screwed into each respective part of the body. After some fairly basic setup work (and I'm very green in this area), it actually ended up being a really fun guitar to play. I want to use this as a mod platform, but for the price it's actually a great guitar. It'd be a fun gift for any guitarist. Keep in mind, at this price range you're not going to be getting exceptional hardware, but for the price it's great value for money. Thinking of getting the LP for my dad and building it for him before hand.

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