Artist ST62 Vintage White Electric Guitar

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Artist ST62 Vintage White Electric Guitar

The newest to signature model guitar to come from our factories. It boasts quality hardware, wood and electronics. It features a fat 62 style neck with the Artist ST style headstock. The first guitar in our line up to utilize and feature the Artist "Wrangler" series single coil pickups that gives you a great vintage tone. 

The body is constructed using American Alder with a maple neck and eco-rosewood fretboard.

The Tech Features:

Brand:- Artist

Model:- ST62

Body:- American Alder

Nut:- ABS

Neck:- Maple with Eco-Rosewood fretboard

Pickups:- 3x Artist Wrangler Single Coil Pickup

Colour:- Vintage White


St62 & Tweed case

By: on 23 May 2018
I received this guitar last week. The people at Artist Guitars were fantastic to deal with and the follow up terrific. The guitar arrived well packed and when I unboxed the delivery I was really pleased by the look of both the case and guitar. Having worked in the music reatail industry I unboxed many guitars each day & I can't recall seeing one in this price range representing the value on offer here. I gave away gigging last year sold my 1990 strat plus and bought the ST62 to mess around on at home. I would have happily used it on stage as it feels little different. Great value and service. Thanks to everyone at Artist Guitars.

Claptonesque cream machine

By: on 1 May 2018
Great decision by Artist to add a strat-syle to their signature range! This guitar looks fantastic, particularly the neck, which also feels great to play (and it comes with locking tuners, which was a nice surprise as this feature isn't mentioned in the blurb at present). The pickups sound fantastic, with very distinct tonal range when switching between the three or twiddling a tone knob or two. Overall it feels quality for the price and the vintage styling looks the part. I own a couple of other Artist guitars and they never disappoint, but I think this is their best yet. As always, delivery, packaging and communication were excellent. Looking forward to what they come up with next in this range - as the previous reviewer said, a tele would be cool.

Excellent Value - You need to get this guitar!!

By: on 30 April 2018
This guitar is excellent value!! (I have guitars in this price range and a few that cost 10 times as much). The finish is even and smooth, the neck feels good and has no uneven frets or rough fret ends. I was able to adjust the action to approx 1.5mm on the top E string at the 12 fret to suit my playing style. Hardware is better quality than you normally get for this price range. Pickups sound good with plenty of bass and highs (I'm not a strat player so I can't compare to other similar pickups). The pole pieces are staggered and individual magnets rather than the the cheap ceramic type. Only criticism is the plastic cover for the rear trem cover and pick up covers feels "cheapish" and the pickup pole pieces do not line up properly with the top E string - but the sound is still balanced and even across the strings. WELL DONE Artist guitars!! - only took overnight to get to me - south of Wollongong. Always great shipping and communication. I hope the next Signature Edition Guitar is a Thinline Tele!!

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