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Artist MiniP 3/4 Size Electric Bass Guitar + Amp and Accessories

Artist MiniP 3/4 Size Electric Bass Guitar + Amp and Accessories

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This pack includes:

  • 1 x Artist MiniP 3/4 Size PB Style Electric Bass Guitar + Accessories
  • 1 x Artist BA15 15W Bass Guitar Amplifier with mp3 Input

About this Artist MiniP 3/4 Size Electric Bass Guitar + Accessories

Artist MiniP 3/4 Size Electric Bass Guitar If you have a little one who seems show that he or she is a reincarnated rock legend of times past then this is the guitar to start them on the path to rock glory.

The Artist MiniP is a mini 3/4 sized electric Bass guitar that is superior to others on the market for the same price range. It features a poplar body with Basswood Veneer, Chinese maple neck, eco-rosewood fret board and quality Chinese made hardware. 


The Tech Features 

Brand: Artist 

Model: MiniP 

Body Wood: Poplar with Basswood Veneer

Pickups: Single split pickup with ceramic bar magnets 

Guitar Neck: Truss Rod, Scale Length 30 Inch, 42mm Nut, 19 Frets, eco-rosewood fingerboard, Maple Neck 

Machine Heads: Die-cast Chrome 

Controls: Volume, Tone 

Dimensions: 106cm x 29cm x 7cm 

Optional Extras to fit this Guitar:- Hard Cases - REC300RC, REC350TO Bags - HGBAGST, BAGST

Included Accessories:- Gigbag, Spare Set of Strings, Artist TN50 Tuner, Cable, Strap, 2 Picks

Artist BA15 15W Bass Guitar Amplifier with mp3 Input

A great electric bass practice amplifier. Ideal for people learning to play Bass Guitar. 15 Watts will give you plenty of volume for playing at home and is small enough to carry along to your lesson or jam session.

It features a 4-band EQ for easy tone control, and a headphone output - great for playing at night or when you don't want to disturb your family or house mates!


The Tech Features

Brand: Artist

Model: BA15

Amplifier Specs: 15 Watt, 4 band EQ, Auxilliary Input, Headphone Socket

Speaker:- 6.5 Inch Speaker at 8 Ohms

Size: 29x29x17cm

Colour: Black

BA15 - Front Panel Functions:

Input - This is your Bass guitar jack input.

Volume - Governs the volume level of both clean and Overdrive channels.

Treble - Controls the high frequencies of the Bass guitar tone. If you increase the treble your bass will sound brighter.

High-Mid - Dictates the higher side of your middle-frequency register of the amplifier. Turning this up will make your guitar sound bittier, ideal for Slap style Bass. Conversely reducing the amount of High-mid in your tone will result in a darker and warmer Bass guitar sound for the classic Rock and Jazz Bass tones.

Low-Mid - Dictates the Lower side of your middle-frequency register of the amplifier. Turning this up will make your Bass guitar sound fatter, ideal for Rock and Metal style Bass tone. Conversely reducing the amount of Low-Mid in your tone will result in a scooped hollower Bass guitar sound for most Metal and Funk styles of Bass playing.

Bass - Controls the amount of low frequencies or bottom end in your tone. The more you increase, the more punch you will add. If your sound sounds too muddy then decrease this control to Tighten your sound.

Aux In - Allows you to connect any media player by using a 3.5mm jack input. This gives you the option to play along to any backing track or music coming from any media device. 

Phones - Plug your headphones here for silent practising. Doing this mutes your BA15's internal speaker, cutting out the speaker sound.

Power -  On / Off Switch for mains power to the amplifier.


MiniP 3/4 Bass & Amp Package

By: PAUL on 5 October 2020
I bought this for the kids but have been really enjoying playing it myself, fantastic value for the money...very happy with this purchase....Thank you.

Amazing instrument

By: Ryan Hamilton on 15 August 2020
After playing drums and guitar for many years, I thought I'd add a bass to my collection. I'm only a small fellow, and being price conscious, I went with the 3/4 size. What I got for the price is absolutely amazing. Everything is of excellent quality and sounds fantastic. I ordered at 4pm on a Friday and my package was delivered to Brisbane on the Monday morning. I'm so impressed! Well done Artist Guitars on producing great quality gear at an affordable price so everyone can get involved in music.

Artist MiniP 3/4 Size Electric Bass Guitar + Amp a

By: Pat on 3 October 2019
Awesome KIT Package for an awesome price. This was a gift for my 10 year daughter just starting out with musical instruments. What a great start up deal, She absolutely loves it !!!! KUDOS to Artistguiatrs

An Excellent Guitar

By: Nick Havilah on 12 December 2018
I had been looking to play a bass guitar for some time as my first instrument. However, the cost had always deterred me from buying one. When I saw this guitar online for a fraction of the price of other guitars, I knew that this would be the way for me to start learning. The guitar is of an excellent build quality, with it being both light and comfortable to use on a daily basis. The amp sounds clear and responsive and the tuning options allow me to create a distinctive sound. All of the included accessories were a huge bonus, and it meant that I could pick up this kit and start playing immediately. I would recommend this to any beginner for both its excellent price and quality.

Great deal!

By: Felipe on 9 August 2018
A great bass at a great price. Good quality product, great sound. Looks, feels and sounds like an expensive brand bass guitar.

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