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Artist LP59 Vintage Burst Electric Guitar

The Artist LP59TSB guitar is a top-of-the-line gigging or recording instrument and is one of the best guitars on the market for its quality and price. This guitar has a great rock/ blues sound that easily produces that big fat fluid sound so typical of this style of guitar.

The body consists of a 5A grade flame maple veneer top that is finished off with a single-ply cream binding over a carved poplar cap and a back of solid African mahogany. The 22-fret neck is a comfortable "C" shape with trapezoid mother of pearl inlaid into the Eco-Rosewood fretboard. With the typical 24.75" scale length you are sure to bend notes as well as any blues or rock player going around.

The guitar is finished with an impressive Vintage Sunburst, while the back is a solid black polyurethane finish. The deluxe hardware consists of chrome locking tuners, a Tune-O-Matic Bridge with Roller saddles, and a locking Stop-Bar Tailpiece.

The Pickups we use on our LP59TSB are our signature Artist Bullbucker Pickups with Nickel Silver covers. The pickups on this model are COIL SPLITTING. They have a creamy smooth 'flute-like' sound on the neck pickup while the bridge pickup breaks up nicely with no harsh upper mids. They are both vintage-moderate output pickups. An added feature is that both pickups offer coil splitting which guarantees that this guitar will deliver a wide range of tonal options.

We also use the best electronic parts to reproduce the classic wiring configuration. 2 Volume and 2 Tone Control, standard 3-way toggle switch, Split Shaft 500K pots, 0.022uf ceramic capacitors and 1/4" Input Jack.

The factory strings are standard D'Addario EXL110 strings.

The Tech Features

Brand: Artist

Model: LP59TSB


  • 5A Flame Maple Veneer over poplar cap
  • Single cutaway
  • African Mahogany Back
  • Single-ply cream binding on body top


  • Fingerboard: Set-in, eco-rosewood, 12" (305mm) Radius
  • Trapezoid Mother of Pearl Fingerboard Inlays
  • 22 frets
  • Bone Nut 1111”(43mm) wide
  • 2434”Scale
  • C shaped


  • Vintage Sunburst with Polyurethane Finish.


  • Nickel Chrome Plated Parts
  • D-Style Locking Tuners
  • Tune-O-Matic Bridge with Roller saddles
  • Locking Stop BarTailpiece,
  • Gold top-hat (bonnet) shape knobs


  • 2 x Bullbucker Pickups (Split Coil)
  • 2x Volume and 2x Tone Control, 3 Way Toggle Switch, (Split Coil)
  • Split Shaft 500K pots
  • 0.022uf Ceramic Capacitors
  • Style 1/4" Output Jack.

Weight: 4kg - 4.6kg approx. (8 lb and 13.0958 oz -10 lb and 2.2602 oz)

Optional Hardcases: LP400BK, LP500BR

Optional Gig Bags: HGBAGST, BAGST


Reviews (11)

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Incredible value

By: on 10 November 2022
I grew up playing an Epiphone Les Paul, and when I finally got back into making music I was drawn to similar models. As a hobbyist on a budget, I perused YouTube reviews and a pattern started to emerge: this was guitar was going to give me the best value. And boy, it sure did. It looks amazing - yes, the horn is not as rounded as in my old Epiphone, the inlays are not as shiny, but other than that, it looks fantastic. Nice and heavy, with a proper Les Paul feel. Played beautifully out of the box, despite some sharpish edges on some of the frets. The plastic token around the switch was glued upside-down, but again, who cares, really? The tone is rich, the bullbucker pickups not as hot as in my old Epiphone, but nothing some extra gain can't fix. And the splitting coils give you a virtually unlimited sound palette to explore. At a ridiculously low price. I have been playing this guitar for three years now, and it was the first of many purchases from Artist.

Artist Guitars Response
Thank you very much for your detailed and good review regarding the guitar. We truly appreciate it and we are glad that you are happy with the guitar.

Good and Not so good

By: on 22 October 2022
The finish is spot-on great! The tone is great! I'm going, to be honest here. I have quite a few Artist Guitars and this is the only one that has this problem. The electrics are inferior. If you roll off the volume even slightly you lose all the tone and it gets muddy. Also, the tone knob does absolutely nothing until at 2 then complete tone loss. The bridge is about 2mm off-center so all the strings are not centered on the neck and pickup. This problem I feel is minor and can live with it not being perfect. I rate it a 4 only because of the price. It sounds awesome if the knobs are all up. I will need to replace the wiring and pots for it to be a great guitar that's properly usable and if you do the maths is it still a good deal hmm??.

Artist Guitars Response
Thanks for your honest review! This really helps us to improve the quality of our products. Please feel free to send us some clear images showing the issues to so we can discuss the issue further and come up with the best resolution. Cheers!

LP 59 Vintage Sunburst

By: on 30 August 2022
First time buyer here to a replace an old Les Paul 59 and I couldn’t be happier. For the price you pay you are getting the best deal you can ask for. I needed to adjust the string height action to suit my preferred style , but that’s ok. Some little minor scuff marks on back of neck and frets are pretty decent. Pick ups are great and it resonates killer. The weight is heavy and perfect The finish is fantastic. Tuners, bone nut and set neck is a bonus. I couldn’t decide between the vintage and the black at the time of purchase. Highly recommend Artist guitars.

Artist Guitars Response
We are glad to hear that you are happy with our product. Thank you for sharing this feedback with us and for the support!

Another great Artist guitar

By: on 12 January 2022
This is the 4th Artist guitar I've bought and again, I'm blown away. The build and quality is excellent, the Sound is fantastic, the delivery was quick (2 Days) and the price is right. The only thing I had to do was lower the string height and I did that with no string buzz at all on a really low action. Not sure why they couldn't lower the strings when they set up these guitars as lots of reviews talk about needing to lower the strings. The intonation was close enough for me to not worry about it. Once again, I'm really happy with my purchase. Go buy one. You wont regret it.

Artist Guitars Response
Thanks so much for your continued support! If you have any questions, please feel free to reach out, we're always happy to help!


By: on 8 September 2021
Bought it from artists eBay store, and had to do a review of their excellent customer service. Thanks artists guitar for the service and the guitar itself is great as-well. I have bought few things and the service has always been great.

Artist Guitars Response
Thank you so much for taking the time to leave feedback. We really appreciate the support!

Why wouldnt you get one ?

By: on 18 March 2021
After checking out the online reviews for the guitar, also hearing good and bad feedback (bad mostly about the packaging) I pulled the trigger on this one. Arrived in perfect order (Aussie Post, not courier so cant comment) and was suitably impressed. Excellent feel to the neck, no overhanging frets, smooth controls, coil splits working great and overall a fantastic guitar not only for the price but in terms of looks (is awesome) and sound both acoustically and plugged in (running into a marshall combo and no need for pedals), the only recommendation I would have would be if this could have a zebra pickup option as I prefer that look but overall a serious instrument well worthy of look. What have you got to lose?

Artist Guitars Response
Thank you for the trust and for your order with us. We are happy to hear that you are satisfied with the guitar. Feel free to reach out if you have any questions or concerns. Cheers!

Great value for money - LP59TSB

By: on 1 January 2021
Very happy with my recent purchase of the LP59TSB. It looks the goods, sounds good (pickups aren’t too hot), and arrived in good condition. Should you buy it? For sure. Here’s some things to consider: 1. It’s damn heavy. LPs aren’t light guitars, but I wouldn’t want to be playing a large number of sets with this thing. Artist really needs to look at their wood here, although I’m sure this could drive the price up. 2. Setup was good. Not great. Some fret buzz. Intonation issues. High action etc. But the fretboard, frets, tone controllers etc were all very nicely done. Again, cost. If there was an option for a final setup prior to deliver, I’d spend the extra bucks. All this said, it’s moans and niggles. Immediately playable. Could be better, that’s all. 3. Split coils are OK, but the single coil split really does lose a ton of output, and ultimately not a close replica of a single coil sound. Happy with the purchase and good enough I’ll be looking at other guitars.

Fantastic looking guitar

By: on 17 June 2020
I was deciding between this guitar and an Epiphone, I am glad I choose this one. It is a faction of the price and has the tobacco sunburst colour I was looking for with the push pull pickups. The quality of the guitar is fantastic! It arrived promptly and I am glad I decided on AusPost as I have better luck with them. This is my third Artist guitar and I am looking at more in the future. Given the 100 day free money back option and the 3 year warranty it is a no brainer.

Perfect for me!

By: on 5 June 2020
Love this guitar! Barely any difference in sound to the Epiphone Tribute when coupled with a Marshall DSL 40C. The best value guitar at this price point, well built with an easy to play neck. Coupled with GREAT customer service (thanks Molly for your patience). Thanks Artist Guitars.

Beautiful Guitar

By: on 23 May 2020
Love at first sight. First of all I'm only a lowly Bass player. I have taught myself to play basic chords on an acoustic guitar. I wanted to try electric guitar so I could use pedals to have some fun with. When I unpacked this one from the box I couldn't believe how beautiful this instrument was. If I don't master this guitar I don't care it is one fine looking piece of equipment that looks really good in my music room. My son who is a guitarist reckons it plays pretty smooth which is a strange comment from a metal head. Great guitar for the price, more than I expected.


By: on 11 May 2020
Just received my LP style guitar this afternoon, straight out of the box , quick tune up , wow , this thing plays really well . The quality is way better than I expected it to be for the money . Sounds great , the split coil is not really for me but that’s not why I bought it . The tuners , bridge , knobs and switch all seem great quality . First impressions are all positive. Sure , it hasn’t got THAT name but I don’t care about that . Thanks Artist guitars for a great product . I’ll be back .

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