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Artist JC450 Brown Arch Top Hard Guitar Case fits a ES335 Gibson

Artist JC450 Brown Arch Top Hard Guitar Case fits a ES335 Gibson

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Artist JC450 Brown Arch Top Hard Guitar Case fits a ES335 Gibson

This guitar case has been designed to fit a Gibson ES335, 345, 355 or similar, with the possible exception of some Epiphone models, like the Epiphone Casino's and the like, due to the longer head-stock. Externally, The depth of the case at the edges is 116mm and the depth at the centre measures at 140mm

Suits - Gibson 335 or similar (except epiphone versions), Ibanez AS93

This Hard Case has sturdy wooden construction with a lockable Latch (the key is inside the case). It has a great little compartment for all your accessories and spare strings. It also has a small pad to support the body.

Note: This is not suitable for an ES339. This case is not suitable for the Gibson "Dave Grohl" DG335 model guitar as it has a Firebird style headstock which makes the guitar too long for the JC450 case.

The Tech Features

Model :- JC450

Brand :- Artist

Colour :- Brown

Internal Dimensions :-

  • 113 cm/44.5 inches Length
  • 58 cm/23 inches Body Length
  • 29 cm/11 inches Upper Bout
  • 42 cm/16.5 inches Lower Bout
  • 10 cm/4 inches Depth


jc450 hard guitar case

By: Liesel Miller on 13 October 2020
I t is beautifully made and is worthy of holding the best guitar

Artist JC450 Brown Arch Top Hard Guitar Case

By: Laurence Baxter on 7 September 2020
A great case for the money. Being a generic semi case, there is a bit of "wiggle room" which, in my case, was great. I bought the case for a Squier Starcaster which can be hard to find a case for as it has an offset body and a large headstock. It fits beautifully into this case! Is there a better semi case for $109? I have yet to see one.

JC450 Disappointing

By: John on 5 September 2020
I recently purchased one of these hard cases for my BB58. I will say the case looks good and is solid, locks are good and work well, the interior is well lined and looks nice however for my own experience thats the good part. Once unpacked and my new BB58 placed into the case I found it not a good fit. The design allows the guitar to move around once closed, you can hear and feel it slide around. There is nothing in the way of padding like some other cases to hold the base in place. I found over half of the base of the guitar was not supported. As for the neck cutout, on this particular case it sits far too low and does NOT touch or support the guitar neck at all. I found the only part where the neck made contact was where it crossed the very top of the internal acc box. This may be a one off but in my experience with this case I can NOT recommend it for the BB58. While I have many other Artist guitars and acc and highly praise them this one falls well short in my opinion.

Budget Price But Top Shelf Hardcase

By: Sam Galloway on 27 August 2020
I have bought 4-5 hardcases from Artist now. Simply because they are the cheapest you will find and they do the job as well as anything. This particular case fits most 335 style guitars like a glove. This is my second and Ive used them for an Ibanez Artcore and a Hagstrom Viking. Really sturdy and they are finished really well. Artist pack n ship very fast, too. Very highly recommended.

Artist JC450 Brown Arch Top Guitar Case for 335 et

By: Bob Hely on 22 July 2020
I've bought a number of cases from Artist Guitars over the years and these Artist JC450 Brown Arch Top Guitar Hard Cases are great... real value for money; well made and well appointed with gold plated hinges and 5 locks... Really good fit for 335's or similar... Thanks Artist Guitars; as usual, good item, good price, good service and prompt delivery... A++++. Bob Hely, Qld

Great Case for my hollow body

By: Jon Lockhart on 11 May 2020
How do Artist do it? This is the third hard case of bought for my bass, strat and now hollow body. All to replace the originals, and just as good.


By: BVS on 9 April 2020
Great case for the price.. look good in brown ,inside & out.. AG does a great job.. Thanks!..

Artist JC450 Brown Arch Top Hard Case

By: Chris Dayhew on 19 February 2020
Really good case for the price

Fits like a glove

By: Paul on 12 December 2019
There was some query as to whether my Epiphone Ltd.Ed. 335 Pro would fit in this case but it fits perfectly. For the money this case is a bargain and the dark brown colour looks great.

Guitar case

By: Philip King on 3 May 2019
Pleased with the product, the price and the delivery time

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