Artist Indominus8 8 String Electric Guitar - Black Chrome

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Artist Indominus8 8 String Electric Guitar - Black Chrome

Tune even lower with the new Artist Indominus8. This is the perfect 8 String guitar to take you on that journey into the world of super low-tuned Metal, and Djent.

The Indominous8 has a similar body shape to that of the "super-strat" and combines a cool gloss-black basswood body with a maple bolt-on neck. The chrome hard-tail string-through bridge ensures that the instrument has the great sustaining capabilities so necessary in achieving that "metal wail". As should be the case, the controls are simple and effective, 1 volume, 1 Tone and 3-way Toggle selector.  The guitar is fitted with 10-74 gauge strings.

With moderate to high output passive ceramic humbuckers installed in soap-bar mounts, this guitar has a tight low end allowing for that familiar lower-mid growl that you should hear in any quality 8 string on the market. 

It should be noted that this guitar is a newer upgraded version of the original Indominous8 and now sports better hardware that includes upgraded machine heads and importantly conductive paint in the control cavity. 

The  Artist Indominous8  definitely has some serious hardcore mojo and could be your springboard into heavy metal nirvana. Why not check it out - chances are you won't be sorry.

The Tech Features

Brand: Artist

Model:  Indominus8

Body: Basswood

Neck: Maple Bolt-on

Nut Width: 56mm

Fretboard: Eco-Rosewood, 24 medium jumbo fret

Pickups: 2x Passive Humbucker Pickups, Soap-Bar Mount, both Ceramic Magnet.

Controls: 1x Volume, 1x Tone, 3-Way Toggle Switch

String Gauge: 10-74

Hardware: Black Chrome

Bridge: Chrome hard-tail string-through

Machine heads: Black chrome die-cast

Neck Profile

  • Scale: 673mm
  • 1st fret Thickness: 20mm
  • Shape: Modern D
  • Radius: 350mm

**Conductive paint in the control cavity



Indominus 8

By: on 24 May 2019
Great guitar plays like a dream pick ups lack but can be changed so no big deal the strings are crap so change straight away makes a huge difference I am very impressed with the build quality of this guitar


By: on 19 March 2019
Staight out of the box, all I had to do was tune the strings and away I went. I've never played an 8 string before and instantly I felt comfortable with this guitar. For what you get for the price, it's great value.

You get what you pay for.

By: on 25 January 2019
Just leaving a review of my experience with this guitar as the Rave reviews I read on here weren't close to unit I got. Mine was far from playable when I received it. The action was sky high, Neck Action was back bowed and the intonation was waay off. Now this isn't uncommon when buying online for them to not be set up correctly but the guitar definitely wasn't tested or QA'd after it left the factory which brings me to the other issues. This guitar needs to be refretted straight from factory as the crown on the high E side of two of the higher frets has split straight from the tang/stud that attached it to the fretboard. It's that bad that if you bend the high E string too far out the string gets stuck under two of the frets. This is either extremely cheap fret wire or someone is hammering them in very rough at the factory. Being as guitar cost less than $300 it would probably cost about the same for a full set up, repair frets and level. this one is just going to be a dust collector in storage. Not to mention I bought pickups to upgrade which was another $300. I ended up purchasing an Ibanez RG8FM for less than $800 new and put the pickups in that for something that was a great guitar from the get go. Unless you are quite experienced in guitar set up or are willing to spend the money on repairs I think this guitar is a bit of a gamble. At least in my experience.

Heaps of fun!

By: on 15 December 2018
This turned into a long review, so I for that I am sorry, but this is valuable information for the prospective buyer. I was toying with the idea of having a guitar with extra strings for ages. Been eyeing off the indominus8 for a year or so. Got one and do not regret it at all. One must bear the price in mind though. As for $299 this is exceptionally good value! Eight strings, it works, and will serve as an excellent guitar to wet your feet in the world of extended range, I have barely put it done for 24 hours now! 5 stars purely for the value that outweighs the negative of such an affordable instrument. The negatives are all fixable, some will take a bit of know how, time and effort, others will take money but I don't own a guitar that hasn't been upgraded in someway! 1) strings.. the strings that come with this beast, are... awful. I managed to get it into drop E fine, intonated fine plays fine, but they just lack.. magnetic material to allow the pickups to collect sound? I guess.. honestly I replaced the strings with Eernie Ball 80-9 set Skinny top heavy bottoms. They are excellent for this scale length in drop E. They barely fit, and the low E saddle has to move to allow the string to go through, then re-intonated. Not the first time I have encountered this, I have a Tele with the same problem. But the moment I plugged in after string change it was so much louder! I did a recording in reaper before and after, before I had to crank the preamp gain on my interface to about 75%, after changing the strings, I had to back it off to about 10%!!! I am guessing that the material used in the standard strings just ins't magnetic enough to allow for inductance.. I dunno but that is what happened! 2) The conductive paint.. isn't really conductive! I prodded with my multimeter and found very little to know conductivity. But I have had $800 guitars do the same, so I did the same thing I always do, and put conductive alluminium tape in the control cavity. I know copper blah blah, If you get the right alluminium tape it wont have the coating on it and it conducts, and you'll get 50 meters for the price of 1 meter of copper tape. I am a value oriented guy, that's why I am here. 3) The electronics aren't great. The pots jack switch cap and wiring are cheap.. but of the same standard as LTD and Epiphones that cost $700-$850 dollars. So while a negative, it was to be expected! And for $50 bucks you could get the best electronics and wiring in there with minimal gains.. I will do it in the future cause I am "that guy". But apart from the jack being on the loose side, I doubt it will have a huge change. 4) Now I am an 8 string guy.. I found it really easy to get around (big hands) and had enough fun that now any guitar I buy is probly going to sport extra strings. 5) the pickups aren't awesome, but ones that are cost more than this guitar! So you should expect that! Also for me.. It was an experiment to see if I liked 8 strings, if I did (which I do) I was always going to put in brand name high quality pickups. That said they aren't bad once strings are changed. They just aren't awesome. Their definition of high output is different from mine though! I am used to Dimarzio D'activators, EMG and Fishman Fluences etc which are really high output, these are just not low vintage output. To me they are medium. Definitely need a overdrive or boost though to get right into high gain. Also worth noting, they are passive, I will probly try upgrading the pots etc before going and upgrading the pickups. The positives.. You will NOT get a better value instrument anywhere!! For the money and a set of strings you are off into extended range guitar land racing! It is better than guitars with 6 strings twice the price. The hardware is all black chrome and looks awesome. Machine heads work REALLY well for the price, I actually don't feel the need to upgrade them anytime soon, maybe at all! The fit and finish is good. Mine was well intonated only needing a slight truss rod adjustment, also note there are two of them under the cover... which you can't easily remove while the strings are on! Leave the truss rod cover off at first string change until you are happy with the neck's bow/straightness. Another thing to note on the neck, the eco-rosewood fingerboard. It feels nice, mine is lacquered of sorts so it looks shiny, I don't mind. It has a nice smooth feel to it, looks dark and good, all the neck looks good and there is no fret sprout, though the frets do need a polish and have a little bit of crunchy grindy feel in spots that is only noticeable on the high strings, but still excellent considering the price. In summary, if you are thinking about an 8 string but aren't sure, this is perfect. Not for beginners because it is an 8 string and does need a bit of work and know how to really enjoy it, nothing a set of strings and some know how won't sort out though. Being said a beginner is probly not looking at an 8 st


By: on 11 December 2018
Needed a bit of a setup to play but can't beat the quality and price. Excellent quality considering it is 1/4 of the price of the next cheapest 8 string on the market. All I had to do was change the strings, lower the action and set the intonation and it now plays just as well as guitars costing many times more.

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