Artist DSO2B Oak Drumsticks with Wooden Tips 12 Pairs

Artist DSO2B Oak Drumsticks with Wooden Tips 12 Pairs

These drumsticks are made from Oak which is the densest of all woods used in our drumsticks. This makes them more durable and able to withstand more beating compared to Hickory and Maple

The drumstick features a wooden tip which is a solid and good choice for almost every application  A preferred tip for drummers who play heavy metal or rock and have a lot of aggressive rolling and fills particularly with the toms.

These are 2B sized drumsticks which are thicker and heavier compared to the 5s and 7s and their A counterparts. This is particularly the preferred choice of weapon for those who play loud and fast. Namely Heavy Metal and Rock Drummers.

Our new and improved drumsticks now follow the length and diameter of Vic Firth Standard drumsticks

The Tech Features:

Brand:- Artist

Model:- DSO2B

Wood:- Oak

Tips:- Wooden

Size:- 2B

Diameter- 16 mm

Length:- 413 mm

Quantity:- 12 Pairs


Bricks of Sticks

By: Clint Culpan on 27 May 2020
I use Artist Guitar for a lot of my drum needs. Their drum stick bricks are great value, l use them for rehearsals & yes gigs too. I get what l need for half the price of major brands, so for me, Artist Guitars are a major brand in music equipment. Communication online is second to none so great customer service is a given. Product range will expand over time & l'm excited about that.

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