Artist DSM7AN Maple Drumsticks with Nylon Tips 12 Pairs

Artist DSM7AN Maple Drumsticks with Nylon Tips 12 Pairs

These drumsticks are made from Maple which is lighter and more flexible. It is also great for energy absorption making you feel less of hits on your hand. 

The drumsticks features nylon tips which really highlight the sound of cymbals, cowbells and the like. Definitely for Rock or Jazz players who have a lot of cymbal work in their songs.

These are 7A drumsticks that are the lightest size for our drumstick models. They are ideal for Jazz, Marching Bands or any lighter musical setting.

Our new and improved drumsticks now follow the length and diameter of Vic Firth Standard drumsticks

The Tech Features:

Brand:- Artist

Model:- DSM7AN

Tips:- Nylon

Size:- 7A

Diameter- 13.7 mm

Length:- 394 mm

Quantity:- 12 Pairs


Artist DSM7AN Maple Drumsticks

By: Mark on 21 July 2020
I was looking for some lightweight drumsticks to give me slightly lower volume on my drums and light action. I ordered the Artist DSM7AN maple sticks from Artist Guitars after finding them on the web. My order arrived in a couple of days which was awesome service. The sticks are perfect for a swing and jazz project that we're working on at the moment. They are slightly quieter than the hickory sticks and have a great rebound action off the drum head for some quick shuffles and fills. I would highly recommend these sticks as they are also well priced and great value.

Artist DSM7AN Maple Drumsticks with Nylon Tips 12

By: Peter Groundwater on 22 May 2020
Great sticks. Last ages, cheap price, fast service. Thank you.

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