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Artist BullBucker Humbucker Pickup Bridge - Black

Based on the popular JB model, this bridge pickup has a fairly high output and is very versatile. Great for everything from blues to heavy metal. Provides slammin' output with singing highs, aggressive harmonics, and can retain clear crisp cleans while being able to get real dirty. Pairs well with our BullBucker Neck Pickup.

Works especially well mahogany body guitars with rosewood fingerboards. They are wax potted and can be used as Split Coil Humbuckers which allows the humbucker to effectively become a single coil. All Artist Bullbucker humbuckers have four-conductor hookup wires and use the same standard wire colour code. 

Top Coil Polarity: North

Bottom Coil Polarity: South

North start: Black wire, taped with bare ground wire. (Also known as Inside Slug wire) 

North finish: White wire (outside slug wire)

South finish: Red wire (Outside screw wire)

South start: Yellow wire (Also known as Inside Screw wire) This is your Hot wire.  

To use this as a standard humbucker in series configuration, the White & Red wires are soldered together and taped; Black is ground and Yellow is Hot Output.

If you want to coil-split, then attach the Red and White wires to the coil switch. This means that when coil splitting, Black and White are not involved because they are both grounded, which deactivates the north coil. 

Because this setup is the same on the Neck pickup, coil splitting both and using the middle position will not hum cancel, because they will both be using the south coil and will have the same polarity.

The Tech Features


Type: Bridge Pickup, Alnico V Bar, Wax Potted, Split Coil Humbuckers

Colour: Black

Conductors: 4

DC resistance: 15.4K

Inductance Rating: 9.6H

Spacing: 52mm


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$35 Bucks I mean come on now!!!

By: on 2 September 2021
Never let the prices Artist Guitars sell the products for fool you!!!! This pickup is amazing I bought it for my EB2 single bucker Strat. I play in drop C# and this pickup loves every second of it. Sure you can pay for the name of the $150+ version but why would you when this is $35 delivered!!!!! Only thing I would like is perhaps black or NIL text but that's picky 1st world problems!! If you're looking at it, get it, they don't disappoint!!!

Artist Guitars Response
Thank you so much for the review and support

bullbucker what a pick up

By: on 7 May 2020
after i bought the tc59 tele type guitar with these humbuckers in it and being very very happy with the sound i bought the bridge pickup to put in my yamaha 311,,,and it sounds great,,,very versatile pickups ,,,well worth the money for sure cheers guys

Bullbucker bridge - punching well above it's weigh

By: on 5 June 2019
I replaced the stock G&B bridge pickup with the uncovered Bullbucker in a mahogany guitar with a 6 screw vintage style vibrato and I was extremely happy with the result. A/B'ing this guitar with another Duncan JB equipped guitar showed that they were extremely close in general tone and output, and any differences could probably have been attributed to the differences in woods and vibrato (alder/maple/floyd/duncan vs mahogany/rosewood/vintage/Bullbucker). If you're unsure of this pickup, the price is great value and makes it a viable experiment for any guitar.