Artist BRC16 Crash Cymbal Bright Rock 16 Inch

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About This Crash Cymbal

Artist cymbals are made using a combination quality craftsmenship plus tried and tested lathing and hammering techniques to produce the best sounding cymbals at the fairest prices you'll find.  You have to hear these to believe quality.  

The Bright Rock series is perfect for Rock, Metal, or any style where your cymbals need to be heard.  The combination of a heavy thickness and brilliant finish means your cymbals will cut through without sounding harsh and with minimal overtone.  Great for players of all standards.


The Tech Specs:

Brand:- Artist

Model:- BRC16

Composition:- 80% Copper, 20%Tin

Size:- 16 inch


Awesome without even mentioning the price!

By: Mitch on 27 February 2017
Forgetting the awesome price for a second.... this cymbal not only looks great, it performs and sounds awesome too! The price and excellent customer service are purely the icing on top of the great tasting cake


By: Connor Macdonald on 24 February 2017
Awesome quality for such a price!!

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