Artist BB20 20 Inch Padded Bass Drum Bag

Artist BB20 Padded Bass Drum Bag - 20 Inch

High-Quality Drum Bag suited to a 20" bass drum.   The actual dimensions are larger to allow for hardware.  See below.

  • Tough nylon exterior
  • 10mm padded, fluffy lined interior
  • Hard rubber coated carry handles
  • Collapsible design


The Tech Features

Model :- BB20

Size :- 

Diameter: 23"
Depth: 20"

Colour :- Black


20” bass drum bag

By: Luke on 27 October 2019
I have a few Artist drum bags, great quality for the price. The 20” bass drum bag however is so tight it’s not practical to use. I might try a 22” for it.

a good alternative

By: Paul Speter on 11 August 2019
I have several Artist drum bags. Up until recently I was using hard cases which of course are best and used the soft bags for the drums I wasn't using. However, recently I bought a late model station wagon and the internal wheel arches take up more room than my previous wagon (same make), so I had to rethink packing the wagon. Ideally I wanted to pack all my gear (just a basic 4 piece + three trap cases) without damaging the inside of my nice newish car. I'm not touring or anything. With a bit of creative thinking and using the soft bags, I not only fit everything in safely but I don't even have to take out the cargo net bars. The bags are also lighter. So short of constantly gigging and touring, the bags are OK!

20" Bass Drum Bag

By: Denis on 5 September 2018
I bought this bag for an 18" bass drum - too big , I know, but AG don't sell an 18" bass drum bag. Still, if I ever get a drum riser, that will fit - and hey, who knows, maybe one day I'll buy a 20" bass drum.Good quality at an excellent price. It will certainly provide light-use protection for the drum.

seems they have a new supplier now stay away

By: jamie on 6 October 2017
I have about ten of these style Drum bags all from 22 through to 10 from Artist all good decent quality but the 20 inch bag I received today was terrible ,low quality padding was thinner and less rigid and didn't reach the full height of the bag the nylon outer is thinner and cheaper too DONT BUY IT if I could attach photo you would instantly see how bad it is .....I dont even think I can give it a star


By: Dave McKeon on 31 May 2017
The right product at the right price plus quality, and delivered on time

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