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Artist AJ516 5 Piece Junior Acoustic Drum Kit - Black

This is our 5 piece Junior drum kit. Perfect for children and beginners from the ages of 7 to 10 years old. It comes with everything you need to play straight out of the box, including drum stool and sticks.

The Tech Features

Model: AJ516


  • All drums include factory heads
  • Bass drum 16""x11"" 5 lugs
  • Tom 1 8""x7"" 4 lugs
  • Tom 2 10""x7"" 4 lugs
  • Floor Tom 13""x10"" 4 lugs
  • Snare drum 12""x4"" 4 lugs


  • Hi-Hat 10"" + Hi Hat stand
  • Crash/Ride Cymbal 12""
  • Kick pedal
  • Stool
  • Drum sticks
  • All the drum hoops, lugs and bass drum claw hooks are black.


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By: on 8 February 2020
I love using this drum kit and don't even want to go to work because of how much i love it


By: on 8 February 2020
I love using this drum kit and don't even want to go to work because of how much i love it


By: on 17 June 2019
If only? It would of saved me calling numerous of times talking to numerous people. I emailed as a last attempt and to visually show one part inside the drum was little tiny piece of steel poking out that needing sanding smooth so I could get one of the poles through and eventually after days it broke off, so you could see my frustration laying all the pieces down and not being able to finish it for my sons birthday on time. Had to follow a youtube video different to our kit.

wifes new present

By: on 21 December 2018
I brought this set for my wife because she keeps playing with my new electronic kit Santa hasn't delivery it yet. cheers

Great customer service

By: on 14 November 2018
I’ve purchased this set for my son as his Christmas gift. Am not an expert of the drum but I think they are good quality. The top of little stool has two tiny holes and I emailed customer service, They reposoned very quick and organised the replacement.Very impressive customer service! Higjlu recommended! Thanks a lot Welvin and Molly

Thrilled with this brilliant beginner kit

By: on 5 June 2018
The quality of this kit is impressive. What you get for the price is pretty crazy. Pop a cushion in the bass drum and it sounds a treat. It is simple but the hardware and construction is really quite impressive. Thank you Artist.

Lovely little kit

By: on 30 June 2017
Received junior kit in one box for assembly. Worked most out by reviewing a photo but had to request instructions. Received instructional video links which were very helpful for assembly. Still need to tune kit. . Just had trouble with one kick drum leg not sliding into place but hopefully drum instructor can advise if part correct match.